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Darkhorse in CdO Politics

Political alignment is again hot topic in Cagayan de Oro’s grapevine as we get nearer to the next mid-term local elections.

One thing to know better for now is that the Klarex camp, according to rumor mills, had this political move this early to align with Nazareth Kingpin Congressman Rufus and Vice Mayor Bebot,
a move against former City Mayor Oca of his plan to retake City Hall.

Yet Oca is not that easy to tell him that Klarex will last long managing City Hall. The former chief executive anchors his kind of belief that Klarex is completely unfit to lead the city he once served for almost a decade.

And here comes the Suan clan, a newbie in Cagayan de Oro politics, so inclined to make a name at City Hall. Rumors are running wild that the Suans are into digging deep in aligning their grip with Oca, a political maneuver yet to gain ground against Klarex and company.

Comebacking for the third time is former Phividec Chair Pompee La Vina
who has not waned a bit of running the city anchored on his battlecry “Ang Bag-ong Kagay-an” mantra.

Wth all those rumored placements in political alignments, Pompee might end up as the Darkhorse in CdO politics.

The battle for City Hall supremacy is seen as a three- corner fight: Klarex-Rodriguez Tandem, Oca-Suan dream team and Pompee who opts to run all by himself, guided by his own political grit.

What was initially touted to be a two-way fight, a direct contest by Klarex -Rodriguez tandem and Oca-Suan dream team, the City Hall seat might end up a three-cornered fight with Pompee coming in from behind as alliances unfold as a form to cover up resentments against the kind of Klarex governance said to be not working well, allegedly way below the passing mark.

The 2025 local race in CdO might turn into an epic contest between the traditional hard knocks and the newbies in politics.

This calls for an exciting event next year as to who Kagay-anons will elect the next “public servant” to occupy City Hall.


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