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“Dahon” Surrenders to 402Bde, NPA in Northern Mindanao in disarray

CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan de Oro City – A high ranking CPP-NPA Terrorist (CNT) leader and his nine (9) members voluntarily surrendered to the 23rd Infantry Battalion under the operational control of the 402nd Infantry Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in Brgy. Bancasi, Butuan City on Monday, April 24, 2023.

23IB Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Jeffrey P. Balingao, disclosed that the surrenderees belonged the Headquarters Force NEO, Regional Sentro De Gravidad COMPAQ, and Sub-Regional Committee 1 (SRC1), all under the so- called North Central Mindanao Regional Committee.

Alias Dahon was identified as Lino Atipan Namatidong, the Commanding Officer of Headquarters Force (HQF) Neo. Along with him is his wife, Reyna Nanganlag “Miray/Snooky” Namatidong, Regional Staff for Education and Propaganda; Nestor Panhayan “Labni/Jono” Namatidong; Ronie Namatidong “Allan” Polistico; Lyka Namulanta “Jelly” Lagaolao; Besto “Lagbas” Tumanan; Gay-gaya “Longhair” Tumanan; Ronald Abalang “Onad” Dungogan; Angleo Lomakin “Selda” Pal-ot; and Jerry Pinatubas “CJ” Inantag.

They also yielded ten (10) high-powered and low-powered firearms composed of two (2) M16 Rifles, three (3) Shotguns, one (1) AK47 Rifle, two (2) M203 Grenade Launchers, one (1) Carbine Rifle, one (1) Garand Rifle.

Lt. Col. Balingao also said that the CTG couple, who are considered high-value individuals, revealed that low morale, no sense of direction, and exhaustion made them realize to give up and peacefully surrender.

Meanwhile, BGen. Adonis Ariel G. Orio, Commander of the 402nd Infantry Brigade, said that the fall of the HQF Neo leadership, a once leadership stronghold, has confirmed the imminent downfall of CTG’s NCMRC and resulted in the disarray of the NPA in Northern Mindanao region.

He underscored the said success as a manifestation of the effective collaboration between the Army and its civilian partners under the Task Force ELCAC.

“Our convergence of efforts under the whole-of-nation approach have continuously reaped results. We shall further strengthen our partnership with LGUs and LGAs to put more pressure on the CTG, for them to continue disintegrating with the lack of support from the masses and the leadership vaccum continues. With all these successes, we are more determined to end this fight for the benefit and progress of our people,” BGen Orio added.

Your 4ID is committed to securing sustained peace and development in its AOR. Thus, we appeal to the remaining CTG members to abandon the senseless fighting and the violence it espouses to advance their lost cause. The government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program awaits those who wish to live in peace and seek better opportunities to start a normal life with their families.



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