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Covid-19: survival of the fittest

The more intelligent would rule the less intelligent, or those who were less fit (Victorian England, 1820–1914)

Covid-19 outbreak has spread throughout the world.  It reminds us of Darwin’s theory. Survival of the fittest. Corona virus has made the world public panic. Every nation gets suddenly terrorized. The people in any country should keep themselves at home. They have to apply social distancing. The family at home must lockdown. It causes chaoes everywhere. 

In micro-level—among the families—we can see the affluent families and the poor ones. They have different conditions in reacting to Covid-19. Let us imagine the real situation between the two different economic conditions of the families. And, also in macro-level—among the nations throughout the globe. They have different panorama in tackling the problem and surviving.

There is no more beautiful panorama around the world but mentally blurring and dark scenery of the environment. People get mentally stressed. As if Covid-19 both made all the same. No! It makes us all people different in reacting and feeling. 
For the poor, in micro-level–it is different. When going out, we get scared. When still keeping at home, we get tired. Tired of thinking about how to get a meager meal every day. How to keep the family served with them enough food. 

Unfortunately, when looking at the fluent families— while keeping themselves at home—they always look to enjoy life. The affluent families can enjoy the beautiful scenery behind their houses. They can enjoy the green and peaceful home yard. On the contrary, the ordinary, and very specifically the poor family, they cannot do it. They have to pursue a meager meal, selling things: food or anything as street vendors, working hard to be public transport drivers, Gojeck as well.  What happens when they lockdown and stay at home? 

Noone can imagine in such a chaos, panic with Covid-19. For poor families, it is either to die or to live. The alternative is balanced: either A or B. A refers to save themselves by keeping at home. They must stay at home, doing nothing and getting nothing. No, it is the same as when going out. Therefore, they may choose B, to go out. They have to work, for finding a meager meal for their families. That is in  family lives with the different conditions of economic background. 
On a much wider scale, we can see globally among the nations throughout the globe. Which one is the more intelligent among the people in any country? Which one is the more intelligent among the nations around the globe? They are the winners. They are the quick survivors. They are—of course—the fittest. 

Technology and the advancement of science dominates. Those that are supported by high technology and superb medical infrastructures quickly flat their Covid-19 outbreak peak. They could detect quickly. They could treat their environment and the victims quickly. And, that is the evidence of looking at the scary Covid-19.

In that situation, we can see who will be the winners in the world. Survival of the fittest. Though Darwin’s theory was along time ago introduced, today, it is in practice. It is in reality. Survival of the fittest. The more intelligent, they will control the less intelligent. 

However, all can be the same when humanity is uphold right. Otherwise, the world will be dominated—if not occupied– by the most intelligent— and that is the fittest. We will vanish.

Dr. Djuwari is the director of language laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, the editor of some research journals in the Philippines and Indonesia. He is also a journalist in some newspapers in Indonesia; the president of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER).


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