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Court Case Feng Shui!

It’s my luck to have Feng Shuied great lawyers of the Philippines and helped them let alone clients with legal battles that won using Feng Shui.
From bouncing checks, estates, to other collection cases, breach of contract, employment cases, and yes, Filipino citizenship cases.
Worst but best is giving a second chance for those with murder cases wrongfully accused!
It all began in my consultancy with a secretary
unjustly bullied by a multinational bank in a labor case. Back against the wall, she tried Feng Shui out of desperation and first time in Philippines labor case history won!
Then a big flourmill as well as at the same time the other outfit was the largest candle maker in the country both faced labor cases, resorting to the usual then unusual Feng Shui remedy for legal winnings they won justly and fairly.
A historical election citizenship issue of both father and daughter were equally resolved offbooks laterally with a Feng Shui remedy.
A government administrator in preventive suspension investigation by the Ombudsman tried this remedy and was cleared morally publicly to honor his name!
Many a client in constructive dismissal cases won hefty sums against exploitation of labor by multinational tech firms nowadays using this singular remedy.
Many a politician survived public ostracism and banishment under the law with this special court case Feng Shui.
A noted celebrity lawyer won a string of 21 court cases in succession enough to merit attention to become the top lawyer of powers that be of the country and yes, beautiful celebrity actresses!
What is court case Feng Shui and it’s secret legal remedy?
Only for the seriously concerned, it is classified matter duly revealed in confidentiality with the proper Feng Shui acceptance fees!
It bears the wisdom of the ages for winning legal cases, let alone be as it may Spratlys included!
Curious? I rest my case your honors for your perusal and executive decision with dispatch which will be greatly appreciated and reciprocated! Good luck.


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