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Corruption: still a nightmare for DU30

AFTER three years, the  goal to rid the country of corruption remains a nightmare for President Duterte.

The President had openly  admitted this dilemma of getting the government rid of corruption before the country’s Big Business, saying this can only be achieved with the help of the business sector.

That said, corruption  is still widespread, and unknown to the President, people in the bureaucracy – from  national down to the local levels – continuously defy his call even as he reiterates to punish government workers who participate in corrupt practices.

To put more teeth to his campaign, the President urges business people who experience corruption in government to confront these vultures by slapping them a dozen times in full view of the public.

Seemingly exhausted though,he encourages people to Inform him right away when they encounter corruption during transactions with government offices.

Government  agencies must give businesses a "shopping" list of requirements, which should include how long the processing would take, as well as what time an investor could expect them completed.

Indeed, ending corruption in government remains  a nightmare for  President Duterte.

Since assuming the presidency, he has fired several government officials and employees for their alleged involvement in corrupt transactions.

The latest to step down from his post was a PNOC official after the President lost the trust and confidence in him. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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