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COPC confronts fake media

By MDN Reporting Team

CAGAYAN DE  ORO CITY – The Cagayan de Oro Press Club, the oldest media institution in the country,  has officially released a statement confronting fake media solicitors. 

In a special board meeting held at the COPC Building,  members of the board in session have wholly agreed to denounce  the malpractice  of suspected media pretenders using fake media IDs  and soliciting money from government offices and private entities. 

Copies of the following statement were sent to various media outlets  and COPC members”


“We, the board of directors of the Cagayan de Oro Press Club, reiterate that faking press credentials will not be tolerated. 

Member of the club or not, we shall call out all those shady characters who use the veil of “press freedom” for their nefarious activities.

We urge COPC members to abide by the organization’s ethical standards, and act within the scope of the law.

The media industry has always been questioned and criticized by the public with its duties, and having these kinds of people operating with malice in order to profit aggravates the collective image of the media.

This has to stop.”

COPC BOD – Sept. 13, 2023

The COPC uproar started when some club members who are radio managers and newspaper publishers and editors complained to the COPC that some individuals who are not club members have used their outlets to solicit money by using fake media IDs. 

BOD Cong Corrales, told the Board that the fakers have formed a group with fake media outlet IDs and have  already “victimized” several offices. 

In another complaint, Mr. Ronald Rufin, station manager of Radyo Natin, stated in his official communication to the COPC that a certain “Vanboyd Torres”  has faked a Radyo Natin station ID and had been using it to solicit money from individuals. Rufin said a complaint came recently from Malaybalay City .   Thus he appealed to the COPC ethics committee to take action and expose the misdeed of the supposed suspect.

Years ago, this paper have also confronted Vanboyd Torres for using a fake MDN media ID and made solicitations discretely.  The Mindanao Daily management immediately  denounced him and exposed to the public that he is not  one of the freelance marketing agents of the company.



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