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Conversations for our Future Builders with UAPGA

Last October 2, 2022, IDC’s Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati joined the United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary to celebrate the recent World Architecture Day 2022 together with Arch. William Ti Jr. of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, a company that seeks to redefine the role of architecture in our society and focus on the creation of positive social impacts.

Held at Teatro Arkitekto, UAP Headquarters in Manila, the event gave the opportunity to Arch. Nati and Arch. Ti, during the “Arch-Talks Prism: Sit-Down Interview”, to share their knowledge and achievements with the numerous participants at the WAD 22 to raise awareness on the impact of architecture on society.

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), formed from the encounter of a multi-awarded Italian architect and a Filipino lawyer, both passionate promoters of sustainable development, is a real estate development firm dedicated to developing high-performance properties in growing cities in the Philippines. With its unique design philosophy, IDC™ is committed to develop top-quality properties that are in harmony with the environment, and to bringing value to investors, end-users, and the community.

“In my journey as an architect, I was an advocate of sustainability even before green development became trendy. I was aware of the consequences of human development and consumption in general, pollution and waste of human beings. I feel real pain when I see how we have been ruining our natural environment, when I see how we treat animals and forests and when I see people acting like natural resources are infinite..” said Arch. Romolo V. Nati.

According to Arch. Nati, “the real challenge is to be able to deliver green properties within the same price range as regular or non-green developments and Italpinas Development Corporation can run through innovative ways of building and designing projects. One way is through the use of passive green design strategies, which are solutions implemented at the early stage of design. These strategies allow the building to maximize the use of some natural resources.

These features, along with creative design, are some of the things that make us and our products stand out in the market. This also puts to rest the misconception that living in a green development is an expensive decision. Our point of view is that many people out there have not decided to enjoy the green lifestyle because of the misconception that it will be expensive. When more people discover that living green is a money-saving decision that also allows one to have a healthier lifestyle and a better environment, I’m sure they will embrace this new and sustainable lifestyle.”

World Architecture Day has a significant meaning to every architect, aspiring architect as well as architecture enthusiast all over the world. Every year, WAD is observed to raise awareness of the importance of architecture in our rapidly changing society. With this year’s theme “Architecture for well-being”, the event has been an opportunity to underline how architects can reform spaces into a livable one for their users.

The UAP Graduate Auxiliary (UAPGA) was pioneered by people who focused their eyes on the road to professionalism, without losing the vision of service to fellow architects-in-the-making.


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