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Congratulations to WRF 2013 in Davao City

Again, the intellectuals hold their great festival in Philippines. It is held exactly on May 1-3,
2013 in Marcopolo Hotel, Davao city, Philippines. Congratulations for all the participants of
this great event. What makes the Philippines and the people proud is that this ASEAN
member country has held national and international conferences with participants from
different countries.

This year, the world research festival (WRF 2013) is considered the most prestigious event
for the intellectuals. The theme chosen for this great celebration is “Research for a
sustainable world.” This means that the research products produced by the intellectuals are
expected to provide the way of life where the people in the world survive for longer time:

Sustainability semantically represents the on-going-process of learning and findings ways
without stopping: insatiable. Being insatiable, all the intellectuals can gain their fame and
popularity not only for their own lives but also for other nations in the world. The products of
their academic endeavors should provide the nations with knowledge and skills related to
science and technology.

The two things—science and technology—have penetrated the lives of the nations throughout
the world with their unexpected consequences. Those who are ready with their existing
condition are free from the consequences. Those who are not ready with the fast development
of science and technology will become the “victims” due to their consequences.

Therefore, building the culture of making the intellectuals ready with all the consequences
above is vital. This can be done by involving themselves in doing research. Besides research,
being involved in academic activities like WRF 2013 and other beneficial intellectual
activities can make the participants get updated any time and minute.
More specially, this great event of WRF 2013 is held by the two intellectual organizations:
IAMURE and PAIR. The former, IAMURE stands for International Association of
Multidisciplinary Research that is more global while PAIR, Philippine Association of
Institutions for Research, national but great anyway. I would rather call them the twin
intellectual organizations.

There have been international conferences initiated by the Philippines with the two
intellectual organizations. Especially by IAMURE, even the events have been conducted not
only in the home country, Philippines but also in other countries. It has been spreading its
great influence to continuously enlighten the nations. It has been trying to enlighten the
members and participants.

Why do the activities of the twin organizations enlighten the members? It is due to some
benefits derived from all events, including the WRF 2013 this year in Davao city. The WRF
2013 will try to give recognition to great achievements of individuals and institutions.

The recognitions are in relation to the production, promotion, utilization, and
commercialization of research. The recognitions are manifested in the forms of giving awards
to the participants. This can be categorized into such as an Outstanding World Researcher,
Outstanding World Research Leader, Outstanding World Journal Editor, Outstanding World
Peer Reviewer, Outstanding World Research Program, Outstanding World Research Journal,
Outstanding ISO Certified Research Organization, Outstanding World R and D Research.

Beyond the above recognitions, the participants and the members of the twin organizations
will always be updated. They are provided with the news and advancement related to the
intellectual activities: research and publications. The two actions by the intellectuals cannot
be separated from their existence.

Again, congratulations to all the participants and wish you all with great success and high
spirit for making the world and research sustainable.

Dr. Djuwari is Director of Language Laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia, a
member of IAMURE and also its journals’ editorial member.


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