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Commute challenge

MANILA — Secretary Sal Panelo may not be aware of it, but he unconsciously acceded to the garbage idea of Renato Reyes of taking his commute challenge.
In the eyes of the outside world, we are a nation of stupid people, taking into account how we, as a people, confront Metro Manila’s crazy traffic problem.
Like a wayward street kid, this Renato Reyes has no balls in declaring transport crisis in Metro Manila.
Simply put, the issue here is about the severe traffic problem, not a transport crisis per se.
As usual, Renato Reyes, Agot Isidro, et al enjoy their media hype yet they forgot that they are part of the problem.
Here is a strong message to these stupid people: stop criticizing the government, and instead think of ways on how you can contribute in easing the Metro Manila’s traffic problem.
That said,  pray that Renato Reyes and Agot Isidro will join Sec Panelo’s ordeal of taking the public ride every day, Monday to  Friday.

The ride will some how justify on how to separate the grain from the chaff.(ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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