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CNT Surrenderees receive financial aid amid COVID-19 in Surigao Town

Surigao Del Sur yesterday. The awarding held in municipal hall was led by San Miguel Mayor Hazel H. Elizalde with Captain Julius James A. Gabaran, Commanding Officer of 7th Special Forces “Spartans” Company, 3rd Special Forces “Arrowhead” Battalion (3SFBn).

Mayor Elizalde urged the surrenderees, who are also San Miguel’s constituents, not to put to waste the government’s support for them and not to go back to in the CNTs’ useless and pointless violent armed struggle that ruined their lives and families.

The surrenderees, who belonged to the weakened guerilla front19, decry hunger, corruption of terrorist leaders, violence and the ruthless killings of the CNTs to defenseless and innocent civilians who go against their ways as the reasons for their surrender.

This cash aid from the LGU will greatly help them in this time of crisis where employment and economic activity is severely affected due to regional lockdowns and enhanced quarantine control measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The 3SFBn Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Joey B Baybayan (INF) PA expressed his gratitude for the all-out support of the San Miguel LGU in advocating the peaceful surrender through this kind of cash-aid program as a reward for those who chooses the path to peace.

The Surigao Del Sur Province has declared the Communist NPA Terrorist personalities as persona-non-grata including the Municipality of San Miguel and its barangays. The declaration of persona non-grata greatly affected the CNTs as many informants pointed out the whereabouts of CNT personalities who fell behind bars through AFP-PNP law enforcement support operations.

The AFP-PNP vows to implement more law enforcement operations despite COVID-19 crisis to further prevent criminal and CNTs’ terror attacks in their respective areas of responsibility.

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