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City Budget Office reveals the city spent P159-Million for covid response

THE CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY Goverment has already spent over P159 Million for covid-19 response, the City Budget Office (CBO) reported yesterday during a press conference.

Lawyer Percy Salazar, City Budget Officer, said the total obligations as of April 27,2020 has already reached to  P159,995,903 and these were sourced from various items in the city's budget. 

CBO presented the breakdown of expenses as follows:

Relief goods: P96.72 million
Financial Assistance: P16.32 million
Supplies: P13.26 million
PPEs: P5.86 million
Equipment: P4.49 million

Trainings/ meetings/others for special emergency operation: P5.67 million
Other projected procurement: P17.67 million

Meanwhile, Mayor Oscar Moreno also revealed the City has not touched yet the P156 Million Bayanihan Grant during a press conference onducted yesterday. 

City's Covid fund ready for the long haul

Meanwhile in a statement obtained by MDN, it said that the the city government of Cagayan de Oro is preparing for the long haul as there is no certainty on when the Covid 19 health emergency would last.

"As of April 27, the city's funds are sufficient, even if it has already spent P159 million for Covid 19 response. The P156-million Bayanihan Heal as One fund or Internal Revenue Allocation (IRA) bonus from the national government is still in tact, but already programmed for future spending along with the city's P550 million supplemental budget-realigned funds from infrastructure projects for Covid 19 response spending," the statement narrated.

Salazar also said spending for Covid 19 response is ongoing and release of relief and aid related funds is being phased with other dole outs from the national government.

Mayor Oscar S. Moreno said the city government is judicious and circumspect in spending.

"While the procurements are accelerated because of the health emergency, the spendings are still covered by auditing procedures. Dili mag-gasto sa dili essential," he emphasized.

Atty. Salazar said the city government will start spending the Bayanihan fund in May.

Included in the expenditure is the 2nd wave of food rations.

“This time, we are targetting 150 thousand households. We are still finalizing the financial plan for the Bayanihan fund," she said.

"It is not prudent to spend at once the budget, we need to phase in the releases so that we will not run out of resources before the health emergency ends," said Salazar.

She is optimistic the city can weather the calamity as the P550 million supplemental is still intact. 

cagayan de oro city mayor oscar moreno

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