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China’s accountability of the pandemic and its trajectory ahead

WHEN the pandemic has to persist on, it may entirely change the world systems. In economic perspective, Emmanuel Wallerstein gives us “capitalist world system” explaining the relation among countries―core, semi-periphery, and periphery. The core focuses on higher skill, capital-intensive production, while the two others focus on low-skill, labor intensive production. Similarly, the core is the owner of production and the rest are suppliers of manpower and raw materials. The colonizers play as core; colonies do the others. Obviously, this happens during colonial days wherein Europe, then US are the core, and China is out of this system. This runs throughout world history.


Where the system is that China belongs to? They have their own. The Communist has its own system but only with very few countries. In other words, the capitalist holds an exceptional domination in the world system in history.


When the capitalists enjoyed business expansion for centuries, China faced enormous impoverishment that led to the founding of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through Revolution. There were rapid Chinese migrations to Southeast Asia and across the Pacific who escaped dire poverty, leaving their home beset also with state-run murders that depopulated them. The CCP continued reprogramming economic agenda in order to get into the prevalent system. It re-invented itself and tried to penetrate in capitalist order. As a result, China became both a State capitalism with a framework of Communist party rule, meaning the government has the monopoly of power and State-owned large companies with few major private companies, to keep them going. These led them from impoverished state into booming economy to date.


The Connection of Communist China to Pandemic


The prevalent system has led no option of China but reinvention of itself in order to survive. It continued in disguise to mobilize businesses outside its home. We see Chinese companies and businesses operating almost all countries today. Conventional war plays no role for China to penetrate in the dominating system, rather, its disguise capitalist character has taken advantage in the economic order. Being a Communist is extremely opposite to the capitalist democratic institutions. The core countries’ influence has interwoven in the social milieu of its former colonies so that in the Post-independence period, the former colonies and its former Mother countries have continued ties. Philippines clings to China today, but experts say it has to take too long years to eradicate the US hold over Philippines. The bilateral relations between US and Philippines have deeply engulfed in the fabric of Philippine society. The Communist China cannot opt for a War to break these US-Philippines ties or the ties between Europe and former colonies as a whole. What else they can do to ensure that the system would allow the CCP control over the other countries that would replace the prevalent capitalist world order?


Virus has been hot topic decades ago and it goes now a real thing. This virus originating from Wuhan cripples the core countries. Its military would suffer great carnage without being hit by a single bullet. Medical services begin exhausted, and the epicenter traverses exponentially―Italy, Spain, then US. Spiraling situation has no definite hope; to stay at home is yet the recourse. Antidote may take long way to come. Who benefits this situation? China which has a strong State control surprises us how for such country to leak an outbreak. Some articles criticize China why it gets too quickly free from virus, while other Communist countries are unaffected, un-roiled. Doubts shed lights how the world order clashes, whereby the capitalist is always their enemy. Hence, without the cure makes us foresee the end of the prevalent system. The Communist may rise to dominate the world if no soon turning table. We are heading into at the mercy of China!


The Accountability of China


The International Health Regulation in 2005 requires UN member states to promptly notify the world in case epidemic spreads within a country. The country is liable to pay reparation to the injured states over its failure.[1] Despite this, China chose to cover up the outbreak within its home and allowed it to spread throughout the world. Knowing that the virus is a ‘novel’ and that no cure yet, it implies pandemic. This pandemic would have been anticipated by China ahead. Instead, they preferred non-disclosure about it and treacherously spread the virus by not imposing Chinese travel ban from Wuhan to other countries, then manipulated disinformation and pointed US military as the virus origin.


Such act is so terrible as committing blatant Crime Against Humanity. If a proper punishment is imposed at times this crisis would end, the consequence demands them more than reparation. However, all heavy consequences do not bother China. China would not have been thinking of reaching a rap in the World Court. When they surely reach their real goal, as a Communist, that is to destroy their capitalist enemies, thereby no way of reaching settled punishment, but upon their success, they will finally replace the capitalist system where the Communist reigns the world.


But, if the course of history keeps unchanged where the prevalent capitalist system stands still as a result of finding the antidote that would put altogether things back to normal and control over the disease, the trajectory may be great adverse for China when the CCP would receive its most deserved and just prize in the coming days. 



About the writer:

Lloyd B. Ranises finished his Ph.D. Philippine Studies from Mindanao State University-Marawi. He is a University Research Coordinator of the Misamis University, Ozamiz City.


[1] This is based on ABS-CBN news online posted by Romel Regalado Bagares, VERA Files, “Breaches and reparations: China's international responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic,” March 26, 2020.


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