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Changing the rules of the game

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

THE past six months leading to the implementation of the country’s public transport modernization program  on June 2020 have been contentious and confusing as it were.

As observed, the road on the way to the realization of this transport program is punctuated by raised eyebrows from the transport sector.

What  then is to be done?

Government regulators in the Department of Transportation (DOTr) must “go back to the drawing board” and revisit its public utility vehicle modernization program (PUVMP) as transport groups are lukewarm to its full implementation next year.

Already, the DOTr  had announced earlier that  the old  jeepney units that will pass roadworthiness tests will be allowed to continue serving their routes beyond 2020 despite the government’s push for the full implementation of the public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program.

Accordingly, DOTr will now make roadworthiness the standard for allowing PUVs to remain in operation.

Meanwhile, the franchise consolidation aspect of the modernization program will be upheld.

Here is a quick rundown of the most common and impacting upgrades imposed on the future of PUVs in the country:

* Vehicles with combustion engines must have low emissions in compliance with the EURO IV emission standards or better.
* Speed limiters
* Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera for selected types of PUVs
* Dashboard camera
* Person with disability (PWD) friendly
* Comfortable seats
* Provision of Wi-Fi access
* For buses, standing passengers must not exceed five persons
* Training for drivers

The modernization of the public transport will not be successful without the cooperation from the drivers manning the roads.

This is why the modernization program will also include training for these PUV drivers.  

The training will serve as a refresher on the technicalities of driving, safe measures, and proper etiquette in dealing with passengers.

Having said all these from the side of government regulators, transport   groups are crying out loud  to discern for a while before  changing the rules in the middle of the game. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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