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Cellphone Feng Shui

Writing this I had in mind contractors and local government officials on how to help them have paper bags full of money every night! Yes, via their lucky cellphone.
But it can be a mobile app for every Juan or Juana de la Cruz in the Philippines with or without bad intentions on the country’s taxes!!!
My bad or shall I continue? You don’t have to text 8888 in that case. This piece aims to prosper any cellphone user for the common good not gold!
Any phone or model can be turned into a lucky phone. Shall I continue?
Here are simple luck conversion apps from Feng Shui digital technologies!
1. Have a full arowana wallpaper with two vital Chinese calligraphy phrases or words using Singapore model.
2. For great sales using phone, have a lucky money cat screensaver!
3. For collection problems, use image of Maria Cristina falls as wallpaper until the debt(s) get collected.
4. To attract lovelife use lucky 168 with special picture sticker on the back of the cellphone. This can be ordered on Facebook via Jas Mirano.
5. For career and employment issues, use Blessed Lucky Turtle charm on cellphone as trinket. Order via Aldric Ok Dalumpines on Facebook.
6. Use your lucky element color as graphic color for your phone, chat and others as applicable.
7. Avoid unlucky colors for your zodiac sign.
8. Change if possible your phone numbers to lucky, singing, and dancing auspicious number combinations avoiding any 4 or 7 as they are death and conflicts.
Use as many 8,2,1,6,9 or 3s!
Trio numbers embedded like 888, 222, 333, 999 are very lucky.
The luckiest sets to have in a combination are 128 means prosperity and luck 24/7 even while sleeping! And the popular 168 meaning prosperity all the way.
So Mayors and government officials, contractor, brokers, influence peddlers and realtors, you know na the kiss of suckcess or rather success begins with your cellphone! Lovers too.
For formal Feng Shui advise on lucky cellphone outsource provider advisory at a modest professional fee, text me at 0999 3128 168 for instant gratification upon remittance of fee via bank details!
Ring your luck to good fortune and prosperity as you now know whom to call better yet text due to traffic! Who else? Hello! Hello Garci?

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