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Cast your vote wisely

The country’s registered voters are set to cast their votes in today’s midterm elections voting for, as the case may be, 12 senators, governors, vice governors, provincial board members, congressmen, partylist representative, mayors, vice mayors and city or municipal council members.

Everyone who is a registered voter is strongly encouraged to exercise his or her right of suffrage, a right now guaranteed by our constitution after our forebears fought with their sweat and blood just so we can enjoy such right now. 

Let us not waste our vote by going somewhere else today other than the precinct where we are assigned to cast our votes. Remember that our vote is sacred hence it should not be wasted through default by not casting it.

Never forget the sacrifices made by our forebears just so we can be granted this sacred right of choosing who should lead us as local chief executives, as local legislators and national legislators. Let your voice be heard as to who among the candidates vying for our mandate get such mandate. 

But in going to the polls in today’s midterm elections it is our sacred duty as well never to allow our votes to be bought no matter how financially dire our situation in life maybe. Poverty should never be made an excuse, for it can never be a valid thus justifiable excuse, to sell our votes to unscrupulous politicians.

Those politicians who resort to vote buying just so they can win our mandate are the ones who are making a mockery of this sacred process of electing our leaders. They don’t deserve to be in office for buying our votes and they are buying our votes for they are not deserving to occupy any public office.

A public office, we all know, is a public trust. Only the trustworthy deserve to sit in that office. Politicians who resort to vote buying to be in such office is a curse in that office. If Philippine politics seem to be under the spell of a curse it is because a good number of these offices are occupied by politicians who do not deserve to be there. 

The occupation of these unscrupulous politicians of these public trusts, let us not forget, was made possible through the voters participation. It is when we allow our votes to be bought that the evil designs of these unscrupulous politicians succeed. 

It is when we simply fold our arms and cower in fear when these unscrupulous politicians harass and intimidate us when we do not sell our votes that we actually acquiesce to their fraudulent victory. As the saying goes, “There are no tyrants when there are no slaves.”

Let us not behave like slaves by simply suffer in silence when these vote-buying politicians run roughshod with the tenets of clean, honest and fair elections. Collectively let us thwart their evil intentions. Fight for what is right and prevent what is wrong in today’s elections from rearing its ugly head.

In electing our leaders we should not just think of our own good such as feeling good for having voted for our favorite candidates even if our candidates are patently not deserving to be voted upon. Remember that we are voting for candidates who will lead us to our Promised Land where we all can have full and abundant lives.

Candidates who can’t lead us to our Promised Land but have only proven themselves to be the agents of evil who caused our national malady that resulted in our suffering, hopelessness and misery should be rejected with a big bang even if they are our favorites. In an election our collective interest far outweighs our personal choice.

Cast your vote wisely then. (jelbacon@yahoo.com; jelbaconii@gmail.com)

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