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Cagayan de Oro —who are today’s Digital Natives?

As a keen recorder of events, I am in complete awe on how  Digital Nerds are into their complete submission to the  ever-changing landscape of the emerging Artificial Intelligence or simply  AI.

Take it with a grain of salt, as we in our twilight years are the principal witnesses to    the tech-driven lifestyles of these Digital Natives who are continually in the make of shrinking this world, thanks but no thanks to ever-changing hi-tech tool.

And so it seems the #LeaveNoOneBehind
mantra applies to this
whimsical kind of thinking.

Take a quick look at your gadget, be the latest brand of i-phone, or just the  Made-In-China thing,
a click would mean transporting  to another world of the unknowns, a tongue-in-cheek celebration of life’s embrace of today’s surge in digital

You may not feel it, but how immense and powerful  these gadgets are in changing our lifestyles,
unleasing  the power of social media as a tool to satisfy one’s thirst of choice, of personal  freedom never imagined to instantly pop-out from the weird mind of Apple founder Steve Job. The rest is history.

Further to this notion, social  media today has enabled the digital natives  to amplify storytelling , messages and blogs  on digital platforms never imagined to  come in an instant, reaching out far and wide of no known boundaries, no identified readership, and more so of ‘to whom it may concern’ mantra type of communication branding.

Digital media breathes a can of repository of memories, lessons, and knowledge built and shared relentlessly in every nook and cranny, by tech-crazy digital natives.

As with so many things, the internet has invented  the good and the ugly.
The continuing surge of digital violence is what makes us worry about.

Sadly, digital  illiterates are here to stay — sharing the bad side  of this  tech-driven  tool man has invented, making our world closer — and smaller as it were.


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