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CABB-MOTC introduces new rules to drive air commerce in BARMM

MARAWI CITY (PIA)–The Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Civil Aeronautics Board of the Bangsamoro (CABB) marked a significant development in the region’s air transportation industry with the enactment of enhanced rules and procedures.

During its first Governing Board session, May 17, priority legislative matters were approved, including the adoption of the Internal Rules of Procedure (IRP) and Rules of Procedure (ROP) governing hearings and investigations.

The implementation of these new procedural rules demonstrates CABB’s proactive approach to streamlining regulatory processes and establishing clear guidelines.

By providing a framework for fair and transparent decision-making, these rules will ensure the protection of stakeholders’ interests and uphold public trust.

Under the leadership of Board Chairperson MOTC Minister Paisalin Tago, together with Vice Chair Ministry of Trade, Investment and Tourism Minister Abuamri Taddik and CABB OIC Director I Muhammad Galo, the session emphasized the collective commitment to promoting air commerce in the region.

CABB, as a regulatory body, holds the power to conduct investigations and address complaints about airports.

Their presence extends to every airport in the region through CABB desks, solidifying their dedication to maintaining efficient and reliable air transportation services.

The enactment of these rules is expected to foster economic development and income generation in the Bangsamoro region.

With the enhanced capabilities provided by the Ministry’s IRP and ROP, CABB is well-positioned to regulate and develop the air transportation industry effectively.

“We are dedicated to enforcing and implementing the mandates of our Ministry for the welfare of the Bangsamoro people and our homeland,” Tago stressed.

The governing board session further emphasized the collective commitment to drive air commerce development in the region. (BIO/PIA-10/Lanao del Sur)



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