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But Now Diabolically Killing GAIA

Kim’s Dream  Orlan Ravanera

Humans: Created in the Image & Likeness of God  

It has been said that the most flawed of all of God’s creation is the Homo Sapiens who are responsible of killing some one hundred fifty million fellow humans in 20th century alone out of two world wars and the massacres done by Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler. But the brutality of the humans now suffering from collective insanity is not just against their own kindred but against all forms of life on earth and against GAIA (Mother Earth) Herself now dying because of the humans’ so much veneration to the profit motive as Satan has buried humanity deeply in unbridled materialism and consumerism. Indeed, humans have been controlled by the Ego (the devil), so engrossed in compulsive thinking on the instant pursuit of fame, wealth and power and in the never-ending pursuance of the whims and capriciousness of the mundane in total disregard of the sublime.  

Humans are even guilty of sacrificing GAIA to the altar of Satan (greed and whims of the mundane) and have already put to extinction billions of species that have been created billions of years prior to the creation of the new comer Homo Sapiens, having been created only some 700 million years ago,  Thus, by seniority, those billions of species of flora and fauna, have more right to live but humans have never heard their cry  while they are massacred by fellow humans as they are continuously kneeling before the images inside their respective churches which just originated  from the creative imagination of the famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci who painted the “Last Supper.”

As declared by thousands of concerned scientists world-wide, GAIA is now on the precipice  of its 6th extinction described as just “one minute before midnight”.  The 5th extinction happened some 63 million years ago when asteroids hit the earth putting to extinction the dinosaurs.  This time, the 6th extinction is called as Anthropocene (man-made) done through the crimes of direct commission or non-feasance and malfeasance.  It is so amazing how God loves us that “He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” Yes, God loves us so much that He does not want us to suffer any calamity, unless of course, we ourselves have asked for it through our actions and inactions.  What we have done to GAIA  is very glaring, now in deep pain and hemorrhaging without let-up.  Let us now reflect.

Her “lungs,” the forest) are almost gone.  In the Philippines, only 8% remain as the 17 millions of hectares of dipterocarp forests, causing the massacre of all life forms (flora and fauna) that dwell in the forest ecosystem,  the richest on earth with regards to endemicity.  In the uplands/hinterlands alone of Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Lake Lanao, the two hundred thousand hectares of dipterocarp forest had been totally logged without let-up for five decades by six logging companies that had violated all the environmental laws prohibiting them to log in areas with al altitude of more than one thousand meters above sea level or in slope with more than 50% gradient.  All the areas logged by the loggers were within these prohibited zones. They did not even do their obligation to do replanting as embodied in the Timber License Agreement (TLA) issued by the DENR. The DENR must be made accountable why that office did not enforce environmental laws in the last 5 decades. The loggers were bragging then, despite our human barricades, that they could not be stopped as 90% of the people in that office were under their payroll.

The environmental tragedy which had caused the vanishment of our very important forest ecosystem happened in just one century “in just a wink of an eye,” as our country had supplied the timber needs of the world through massive and intensive logging as our country has the finest timber in the world as the loggers would earn some P400 million pesos from one shipment alone. The loggers’ gargantuan rakings have formed a strong cabal of vested interest with imprimatur from powers-that-be who were in power then despite their horrible crimes against GAIA.  Some known loggers were even voted to high positions, i.e., Mayor, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, because from out of their massive raking, they bought votes.  To know more, please read the book of Ms. Marites Vitug, ”Power from the Forest,” how they have accumulated power as economic power begets political power. 

Her “veins” (the rivers) are either drained or heavily polluted as 15 of the 25 major rivers in the country are already biologically dead. We have already lost 75% of our mangroves (the spawning grounds of fish) and only 5% is in excellent condition. Our coral reefs, that delicate gift from Providence have been heavily destroyed through dynamite fishing and “muro ami.” How stupid were we when we allowed Japanese computerized trawlers and fishing vessels to literally rake our seas.  We are even allowing China to exploit the Philippine West Sea. The Philippines was described then as the “center of the center of marine life on earth.” Now gone forever and the fishing communities are now living in extreme poverty.

Her “fever” (global warming) lingers, causing Her so much discomfort, i.e., colds (storms), sneezing (typhoons), shakings (earthquakes) and deliriums (tsunamis).  Her “stomach” (the oceans) is now so upset as our bays are just treated as dumping ground of toxic waste, now suffering from heavy siltation and poisoned through the massive use of toxic chemicals from massive plantations. The sea level is now rising as some 1,000 hectares of the 386-meter high iceberg are melting every in the Arctic, Antarctic and in third pole, the Himalayas. Her “skin” (the 6-inch top layer of the earth – the soil that gives life) has been scalped through massive illegal mining operations or poisoned through massive use of chemicals on plantations.  Her “blood” (the water tables) has been injected with toxic chemicals through conventional agriculture.  In Mindanao alone, the 200,000 hectares of plantation are intensively applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides that as if some 2,000 dump trucks are unloading chemicals to our water table every day.  In fact, based on studies, of the 14 types of chemicals, 8 are already banned abroad.  That is the reason why many Filipinos are dying of cancer.

But the harm done to GAIA is not only happening in our country but worldwide.  In fact just recently, it was so sad to hear that thousands died in Libya due to storm where 100,000 Libyans were rendered homeless. All told GAIA is a victim of a wrong development paradigm called Corporate Globalization. As portrayed in the International Social Media, to quote: “Corporate Globalization does not only destroyed the environment as it has no respect to the beautiful world we were given. What precious bounty we started with – a world so rich in resources, rich in water, in trees and in land!  So rich in fish and marine life. Corporate Globalization has systematically destroyed all these amazing beautiful life of nature. Indeed, what have we done to the beautiful world we were given as a home? We have polluted our water, our air. We’ve polluted our ocean with oil. We’ve made  a desert where there was once a green meadow. All for the sake of corporate globalization.” 

 Glaringly, through corporate Globalization , the non-stop exploitation of the earth’s ecological resources has brought about the tremendous accumulation of wealth to a few elite, oligarchs and cartel, to only one percent of the global population in cohort with power-that-be and the mainstream media but breeding so much poverty, social injustices and gross inequities  and  all at the expense of GAIA, now in severe pain.  That’s what Satan wants to happen: the destruction of life on earth and the unimaginable is becoming imaginable: the end of life on earth.  All these years, we have been deceived through the fallacies of life.  The only way to stop the earth’s accelerating drive towards the precipice of death is through the realization that a human being is not just having a physical form (body) but spirit or CONSCIOUSNESS. Let us now dive deep within ourselves to know who truly we are: embodied spirit that should be connected to the Ocean of Consciousness called God. Let us now debunk the mundane and go to the Sublime. 

Let us declare that the Satanic period that has buried humanity to unbridled materialism and consumerism, to that collective insanity, drunk to the whims and capriciousness of seeking intensively wealth, fame and power IS NOW OVER.  Let us be one with nature’s fragile web of life. Indeed,  INTER-CONNECTEDNESS AND THE ONENESS OF LIFE  IS TRUE LOVE AND GOD IS LOVE . Greed and profit through unbridled materialism and consumerism is the language of Satan, promoting war as manufacturing armaments  that can kill  mankind forty times over means tremendous wealth to these corporations. ENOUGH IS ENUGH! Let us now debunk such development that promote poverty, violence, war and death. Let us NOW BECOME TRANSFORMATIVE FOR PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY AND PEACE.   With that shift of consciousness of oneness with nature, we will feel that great STILLNESS & THE VAST SPACIOUSESS to connect with the UNSEEN, FORMLESS BEING called GOD.   That indeed is true transformation which is FREEDOM from the fallacies of life. 



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