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Bukidnon couple hacked dead, kin seeks justice

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: A couple was hacked to death by unknown assailant in a farm house in Sagaran, a farflung village in the municipal town of Bukidnon, the police said Saturday.

The couple identified as Dennis de los Reyes Morata, 40, and lived-in partner Josephine Samuel Ramos, 53, suffered multiple fatal hacked wounds on different parts of their bodies resulting to their death.

Luz Librada, the niece of Josephine Ramos, told the police that the bodies of her aunt Josephine and her partner were accidentally found Friday morning by a boy sent by a neighbor to ask for some “salt.”

“The nearest neighbor in the farm was far that one could not even hear the yelling for help should an emergency takes place in one of the neighbors in the area,” Librado said.

On Friday, the neighbor sent a boy to the couple’s house to ask salt, but ran away to tell his parents who immediately reported the incident to the police about the dead couple kn the house.

The boy (name withheld) told the police that he went to kitchen’s at the back of the house to investigate after nobody answer his call.

He told the police that he saw the kitchen’s door destroyed and noticed that the woman was lying dead in the pool of blood on the floor.
Librada said that her aunt sustained 13 hacked and stabbed wounds while the head and knees of her part was almost severed from the body.

“We have no idea about the motive of the horrible killings. My aunt and her partner were only caretakers of the rubber plantation reportedly owned by a certain Jabbar,” Librada said.

Librada, who lives in Cagayan de Oro City, went on air in Magnum Radio, a local commercial radio station here Saturday asking the help of the people and the police in Talakag to identify the suspects and bring justice to the death of the victims. -0-

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