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Building a Recession-proof business through Health, Beauty and Wellness

Davao City, Philippines – In times of pandemic, safety and security for you and your loved ones take utmost precedence. Fortunately, the internet has opened massive opportunities to learn and to apply the knowledge from the safety of your home.
We often hear the importance of generating multiple income streams that can positively impact your finances and life quality. With the current scenario of decreased job security and uncertainty in your primary income source, having a secondary income source takes priority and should be pursued with added vigor.
In looking for a secondary source of income, some key points should be considered, especially in these times when movement and interaction are minimal. The source of income must be Flexible, Scalable, Sustainable, and Enjoyable.
All these can be found in RED FOOTPRINT, a Stem Cell Therapy center and Business Consultancy organization that aims to share hope and inspiration to people looking to expand their opportunities.
A rapidly growing organization, RED FOOTPRINT is also an online training and business hub that helps develop leadership potential through a proven international platform. It allows people to view business from a new perspective and provides them an opportunity to build their own business at their own time and pace.
Together with RIWAY INTERNATIONAL's oral live cell therapy and luxury skincare products, it provides a sustainable income-generating business model that can be done online and offline.
With the flagship product PURTIER Placenta, which has been dubbed "the Rolls-Royce of health supplements," RIWAY has created a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare and exceeded all expectations through extensive research and development.
PURTIER Placenta combines 11 ingredients synergistically working together with deer placenta, improving the supplement's efficacy and age-defying effects and making it the perfect and only health supplement you ever need.
RED FOOTPRINT has already changed many lives around the country. It's time we help you change your life, too! The organization has proven that passion and determination, coupled with persistence and vision, can create success!
CEO Mr. Rex Bugcalao and his wife Gina Bugcalao started Red Footprint in July 2020, intending to provide a platform for people willing to learn and start their own business during the pandemic.
It was Bugcalao’s experience that prodded him to start the company. He worked with several big companies like Aboitiz Power and Davao Light and Power Company, but after resigning he and his family faced financial difficulties. It came to the point where Rex had to work as a taxi driver to provide for his family.
The experience taught the Bugcalao couple to be generous to others. They started the company not out of personal gain but in order to help others in their pursuit of success. To accomplish their goals, the couple invited some sought-after leaders to become partners and mentors.
In a few short months, Red Footprint has established an aggressive digital presence, providing free daily Zoom events, creating an online website and pages, and making itself accessible on social media. The company also started a closed group that has over 1,500 members as of writing.
Red Footprint has also taken the group to the next level by developing a mobile app which the members can use to easily access shared documents, scan through the different available events, find answers to frequently asked questions, and  connect with other group members.
In the coming year, Red Footprint's goal is to be the loudest, biggest, and strongest business consultant organization in the country. So if you want to be part of this milestone, join us now and be part of Red Footprint!

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