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BTA minority bloc asks Bangsamoro gov’t for transparent, merit-based, credible hiring process

Considering that the Bangsamoro government has yet to enact a Civil Service Law, the Bangsamoro Parliament’s minority bloc has issued a resolution asking that the existing recruitment, selection, and placement processes of the regional government be independent, transparent, strictly merit-based and credible. 

The Bangsamoro government should also be guided by the principle of moral governance it has set, and  should adhere to the omnibus rules on appointments and other human resource actions of the Civil Service in the region.

The appeal to establish these standards is in harmony with the 12-point agenda of the Chief Minister. Among those standards is the establishment of the appropriate bureaucracy to ensure the right balance between the size of the bureaucracy workforce and services that must be delivered, as well as the appropriate sets of skills required of the people in the bureaucracy. 

The minority bloc reiterated that the recruitment, selection and placement process is an important policy measure meant to ensure the employment of competent personnel for the Bangsamoro government, which is crucial to the success of BARMM’s governance. 

To date, the Bangsamoro job portal has received over 300,000 applications for different positions from within and outside the region. This is a sign of hope and a bright prospect for the success of BARMM. 

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