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BPMC healthcare experts train soldiers on handling COVID-19 patients

“Because of the requirements of transporting personnel with infectious disease like COVID-19, we can’t use our traditional methods of transport without risking the medical crew in the back of the ambulance or any patient transport vehicles, and the rest of the crew in the front,” Marlah Samson, Health Emergency Staff Operations officer of Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center (BPMC) said.

That’s why 403rd Brigade commander Colonel Ferdinand Barandon is working with the BPMC medical professionals to prepare his soldiers on COVID patient-handling by taking part in the training dubbed “Orientation on the Emerging Disease COVID19: Donning and Doffing of PPE with Transport Simulation, Samson added.

The training involves a half-day theory inside Camp Osito Bahian and a half-day practical at BPMC COVID-19 facility with the BPMC Infection Control Unit. It shows how to safeguard crew members from being exposed to the virus.

“We train on personal protective equipment (PPE) donning and doffing procedures. It is important that our soldiers learn the protocols and techniques, especially those involved in patient transfer and those that are in the frontlines,” Samson said.

A total of 141 soldiers were trained in two batches. Sixty-one of them graduated on April 1, and another 80 also completed the training, April 2.

The coaches said that during practicum, the soldiers performed well. They carried and handled the “COVID-19 patients” applicably in a simulated exercise.

“During our practicum, our soldiers were able to transport and properly endorse mock patients to hospital units. It was a successful orientation training with our soldiers. As healthcare workers, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the 403Bde leadership and to our students. God will help us in this battle against COVID19. During this pandemic, in the worst-case scenario, where lots of our healthcare workers were also infected by the virus, our soldiers must be prepared to reinforce us (health workers) in some healthcare works, especially in transporting COVID-19 patients,” Samson said.

Col. Barandon, for his part, thanked the BPMC for sharing the expertise because he said the command knows the training may be used not just for COVID-19 patients, but also in evacuating service members during military operations.

“As soldiers, we train to win the war. We thank the BPMC for this whole-of-government effort on our worldwide battle against COVID-19. This training will protect our soldiers as we continue to protect our people,” he said. (403rd Bde, PA/PIA10)

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