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Bombing plan, foiled; eight bombs recovered in Maguindanao del sur

CAMP SIONGCO, Awang, DOS, Maguindanao del Norte – Eight bombs (IED) a of the recovered and five members of the terrorist Dawlah Islamiyah-Hassan Group were killed in the operation conducted by the Joint Task Force Central in the towns of Pagalungan and Montawal, Maguindanao del Sur starting this March 21, 2023.

That’s Col. Donald Gumiran, Commander of the 602nd Infantry (Liberator) Brigade, the military received information directly from the residents of Barangay Dungguan, Montawal and Barangay Dalgan, Pagalungan that the terrorist DI-Hassan Group led by the terrorist DI-Hassan Group is camping in the remote area of ​​Barangay Dalgan of a man named Almoben Sebod. According to those who provided information, they learned that a terrorist group planned to detonate in populated areas in the provinces of Maguindanao and Cotabato during the opening of Ramadan. After confirming the report from other informants, JTF Central quickly launched an operation through the 602nd Brigade to stop the bloody plan of the terrorist group.

The army carefully headed to the area where the terrorists were camped to avoid an immediate firefight that could cause the innocent citizens of the said area to suffer.

The soldiers were able to successfully approach, but the terrorists immediately opened fire, which ended in a heated battle of about an hour. With the help of cannons and warplanes, the soldiers entered the stronghold of the terrorists and eventually seized eight bombs or improvised explosive devices (IED) that were ready to be planted and detonated at any time. Meanwhile, five terrorists were confirmed dead and one was captured while fleeing. A caliber .45 pistol, Garand Rifle bullets, IED-making materials and nine cellphones that were also used in the detonation were recovered from the arrest.

“We stopped their plan to bomb innocent civilians, make threats and sabotage peace during Ramadan. After we recovered eight explosive devices from the terrorist group and ensured that we had stopped their bloody and heinous plan, we immediately stopped the operation so that life could return to normal in the affected areas and its residents could celebrate Ramadan in their their home statement by 602Bde Commander, Col. Follow

In an interview with Mayor Salik Mamasabulod of the town of Pagalungan, he thanked the armed forces for successfully preventing the evil plan and seizing the IEDs from the hands of the terrorists. He also clarified that the clash between the soldiers and the terrorist group was far away from the community. Despite this, he allowed some of the citizens to temporarily gather at Dalgan Elementary School and the neighboring Barangay to make sure that they will not be hit by stray bullets.

In the message of Major General Alex Rillera, Commander of JTF Central and 6th Infantry (Army) Division, he expressed his solidarity and respect for the celebration of Ramadan.

“To our Muslim brothers and sisters in Central and South Central Mindanao, let me announce that your Kampilan Troopers join you in celebrating this sacred time. We honor and respect the unique challenges and opportunities this month brings. We are with you as you fulfill the obligations of faith and deepen your relationship with Allah. The armed forces will not allow the terrorist DI-Hassan Group’s plan to succeed in committing a heinous crime that will delay the celebration of the Ramadan period”, said Maj. Gen. Rillera.

Maj. also recognized Gen. Rillera is the sacrifice of the soldiers for the successful operation and defeating the evil intentions of the enemies of the people.

“To our brave soldiers, the entire 6ID is proud of your dedication to defend the rights of innocent citizens against the group that wants to sow violence. The bravery and sacrifice you showed shows the true character of the Filipino soldier”, according to Maj. Gen. Rillera.

Government forces will continue to be ready to eliminate the remaining members of the terrorist DI-Hassan Group.



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