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“Bogus Cop” who extorts money at Bulua Terminal arrested in Bukidnon

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY –  Finally, after 40 hours of hot pursuit operation conducted by the police, this "bogus cop," who has been extorting money and kilos of fish at Bulua fish landing area, fell into the hands of police authorities.

The suspect, identified as a certain Glenn Calang, was arrested in Baungon town, Bukidnon Province by a joint operatives of the Cagayan de Oro Police Station 7 Bulua and operatives of the Regional Intelligence Division of the Philipine National Police in North Mindanao.

Irene Floro, former president of the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Oro Chamber) said the whole population at Bulua West Bound Terminal were very thankful yesterday as they heard the arrest of the suspect Glenn Calang somewhere in Baungon town.

"Ang kinatibuk-ang wholesalers sa Bulua Fish landing nalipay sa kaabtik sa atong mga kapulisan pinaagi sa joint efforts sa Cagayan de Oro City Police Station 7 Bulua Precinct and Regional Intelligence Division," Ms Floro said in her FB account.

Meanwhile, Ms Maricel Casiño-Rivera, chief of the City Information Office commended the immdiate response of the vendors, policemen from Bulua Police precinct and the office of the Regional Intel Division.

"We commend your immediate response to the situation. It was a classic example of community vigilance and cooperation that resulted to the arrest of this perpetrator. Sa kanunay nato nga gibalik balik nga kampanya nga ang security ug safety sa komunidad responsibilidad sa tanan. Kudos to you and to everyone involved especially the law enforcers. It's not a perfect world pero bentaha gyud kung magkahiusa ug magtinabangay kitang tanan," Rivera said.

Floro said the arrest of the Calang should serve as a lesson that extortion is a crime punishable by law and whoever will did the same offense should be dealth with accordingly.

"Bogus Cop" extorting money at Bulua Westbound Terminal

"Hinaot nga ang mga sama niini nga panghitabo panalaminan sa mga dautan nga elemento. Kay ang krimen dili gyud mo padayun diri sa dakbayan tungod kay adunay panaghiusa ug pag tinabangay sa kapulisan ug ang kumunidad aron masugpo ang mga binuhatan nga makadaut sa panginabuhian ug lumulupyo sa Cagayan de Oro City," she concluded.

It can be recalled that on January 1, 2020, an unidentified suspect who allegedly called himself a policeman has reportedly been extorting money from the vendors inside the Bulua Westbound Terminal.

Vendors were shocked as the "fake policeman" started roaming around the vendor's stalls and one by one extorted them money. Unlucky, the suspect, who failed to extort money as vendors did not allow him – as they have no sales on that particular day being January 1 and the terminal was empty with passengers.

The "fake cop" allegedly pointed his still undetermined pistol to some of the fish wholesalers. One of the vendors said the suspect has been frequenting the fish landing area and would ask for several kilos of fish, telling them it was his son's birthday. (JCE)

bogus cop arrested in baungon bukidnon

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