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BIOtech program team explores agricultural collaboration with LDS & MSU Marawi


DIRECTOR  CLARO N. MINGALA,  head of the Biotech  Program  Agricultural  Training Institute in  Dilliman, Quezon City, took a  significant step in promoting agricultural biotechnology and development collaboration in this particular field. They visited also the  Office of the Provincial  Veterinary of Lanao del Sur, headed by Dr. Al-Hussien O. Domaot, and discussed opportunities for agricultural biotechnology initiatives in the province through modern strategies aiming to identify areas for growth and cooperation,  Top Officials said. 

After their visit to the Office of the Provincial Veterinary, the Biotech Program proceeded to have a courtesy visit to  Dr. Rasid Paca, Executive Vice President of the Mindanao State University main campus, Marawi City where the group was warmly welcomed by the  University officials led by Dr. Paca, Dean Lorenzo Vice Chancellor of Research, OP Chief Consultant Dr. Rebbeca  Alawi and other University Officials in attendance.  This meeting was held with fruitful promise and . as they explored potential future agricultural projects in partnership with the University.

Dr. Al-Hussein O. Domaot, head of the Veterinary Office of Lanao del Sur (left)  welcomes  Director Claro N. Mingala head of Biotech Program & his companions during their recent visit to explore collaborations with the government of the province. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Among those University officials in attendance during the meeting included Dr. Mobarak D. Hadji Amin, Dean of the College of Agriculture, and Dr. Rashdi  M. Casim, Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture, emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

In a text message sent to the Mindanao Daily News, Dr. Al-Hussein Domaot said the recent visit of the Biotech Team is a breakthrough in Lanao Del Sur that left us buzzing with excitement.

In an extraordinary collaboration, our local heroes joined forces with these brilliant minds to unveil the secrets of Lanao Del Sur’s native livestock, poultry, and wild species.  As a result. A genetic treasure trove that promises  brighter  prospects for agriculture and wildlife preservation in our province, Domaot said’

In conclusion, Domaot added  “To the Biotech. Your visit was the spark that ignited hope and innovation. Thank you for shedding light on our natural wonders. Stay tuned for the incredible discoveries that lie ahead.

The day concluded with a project monitoring session at one of the funded research projects of the DA Biotech Program in the university, overseen by Dr. Juliet C. Bangi. This hands-on approach reflects the program’s commitment to ensuring the successful execution of agricultural initiatives.

The Biotech Program team’s visit marks a significant step in strengthening agricultural biotechnology research and development in Lanao del Sur. Their engagement with both the provincial veterinary office and Mindanao State University–Main Campus underscores their dedication to fostering partnerships and innovation in the agricultural sector. As these collaborations evolve, the future of agriculture in the province promises sustainability and growth as their primary goals.

Dr Paca recalled that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during his meeting with the United States (US) Department of Agriculture also sought to bolster mutually beneficial agreements to strengthen agriculture and research for development, as well as capacity-building initiatives specific to the advancement of biotechnology in the country.

Along with these new developments, the Mindanao State University System has designed various intervention programs that shall be implemented by campuses for the succeeding years. ###


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