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MANY times we compare our life with a way. We talk about a "human life way". We describe a determined human such as, "He's on the right track (way)". We must make our tracks, but we will prepoved not to take a path across a rice-field. We learn that there are many ways to solve problems. We also don't want to stand in other people's way. Sometimes we prefer to keep out of someone's way. Sometimes, we plan already to get someone out of our way. It just happened in my surroundings. Most of all, we do try to find the golden middle course. "Hay nako" – that's the hardest task in life!

Many different ways have been offered to us during our whole life. Whole life?  Mmmmh, let's wait and see and have a cup of tea! How can we be able to choose the right way? The correct one? Which signs on our way can be trusted blindly? These are urgent and vital questions for all of us, and, during this time, important like never before. In the pasty traditions and custom demands have been produced our ways unquestionable. Nowadays permanently, constantly and continually we must think about decisions and look for the correct plan – but, more and more alone!

Today's man is like a ship's captain.This ship contains solid iron. The compass needle is no more able to show the Northern direction as expected, because of the ship's iron inflexible body. You only have one choice: look up to the stars and study their guiding support. A very wise idea by German atom-physicist Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976).

We are all happy and proud while having the perfect means at our disposal. On the other hand, our blindness allows us to intricate and confused destinations in life, aims, goals and objectives. We all know the headlines of our daily life, which always turn us away and distract our views to the stars – means to say: to God.

– Coup d'Etat (ignoring) of human values;
– Total (modern?) emancipation;
– Longing mostly -or only- for earthly luck on the way of all .

Many of these headlines are reality already. But this reality stays behind real dreams and illusions.  Let's keep our eyes open for the most important signs at our way, such as

– Ready to help the unprotected and defenseless weak;
– Struggle for freedom and justice;
– Commitment of peace;
–  Most of all: Love, which doesn't calculate and count – love without measurements, boundaries and limits.


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