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Beauty, Culture, and Arts Highlight the Diyandi Street Dancing Competition

The participating groups depict the battle of the heavenly hosts, mainly between Lucifer (Yawa), and San Miguel Arkanghel, and ultimately the defeat of the rebelling angels- Lucifer and his band’s banishment to hell. It is also a way of thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings of the year.

Six (6) contingents from different barangays competed for the top three (3) spots. Brgy. Pala-o, Brgy. Kiwalan, Brgy. Dalipuga, Brgy. Tubod, Brgy. Hinaplanon, and Brgy. Ubaldo Laya showed their unique dance routines to impress the judges and audience. Three (3) judging posts were designated for the participants to perform a portion of their routine namely: Dunkin Donuts (Quezon Avenue), Solidmart (Quezon Avenue), and Golden Pot (Quezon Avenue). After performing at the judging posts, all the participating groups proceeded to Anahaw Amphitheater, the showdown area, to perform their complete dance routine in front of the judges and audience.

Colorful costumes and props were worn and prepared by the participants. Chants and songs were prepared by the participating groups which echoed throughout the Anahaw Amphitheater. The participating group showed all that they’ve got and practiced for weeks.
Vice Mayor Jemar Vera Cruz

Vice Mayor Jemar Vera Cruz emphasized the importance of thanking God through our patron, Señor San Miguel. “Atong siyang pasalamatan sa tibuok tuig nga siya nahimong panalipod, siya ang nahimo natong giya sa kanunay, ug sa tibuok tuig nga siya nanalangin kanato (We should thank him for keeping us safe throughout the year, for being our guide always, and for praying for us throughout the year),” he said.

He further added that it is with Señor San Miguel’s help that Iligan City was spared with any violent threats and terrorism. “Atong makita na bisan sa kaduol nato sa Marawi, ang dakbayan sa Iligan gipanalipdan sa atong Diyos na makagagahum ug labi na gayud sa atong mahal na patron na si Sr. San Miguel (As we can see, despite that our city is near Marawi, our city remained peaceful through the guidance of our Divine Providence and our patron saint, Señor San Miguel),” he added.

Lastly, Vice Mayor reminded all Iliganons to fight and to avoid all evils in us. “Sa matag usa diha sa atong katilingban, nga mao atong kanunay na patigbatukan ug atong pakigbisugan. Unsa kini, Una, and kahakog sa gahum. Ikaduha, ang kahakog sa bahandi. Ang ikatulo, ang kahakog sa dungog ug kahimayaan dinhe sa kalibutan (We have to overcome these things in our society. What are these? First, being greedy for power. Second, being greedy for worldly possessions. And third, being greedy for prestige and glory),” he said.

Brgy. Hinaplanon was named the champion. They received Php 300,000 and a trophy. Meanwhile Brgy, Pala-o was named the 1st runner up. They received Php 200,000 and a trophy. Lastly, Brgy. Dalipuga was named the 2nd runner up. They received Php 150,000 and a trophy. Special awards were also given to the different participating groups.

Overall, the street dancing was successful. Iliganons enjoyed the different dance routines presented by different participating groups. No unwanted threats and violence hindered the celebration of the street dancing. Iligan City proves to be resilient, efficient, and thriving. In this, we shout, VIVA SEÑOR SAN MIGUEL!!! (Louise Lourfe P. Malazarte/CIO)

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