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BARMM’s 1st air transportation summit pledges to elevate airline services


BARMM MINISTER ATTY PAISALIN P. TAGO of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) told the delegates during the Ist BARMM Air Transportation Summit   on October 10, Sunday that “efficient air transportation and heightened safe operations is our primary goal that our office will achieve for the next five years.”

The Ist  Summit  was organized by the Ministry of MOTC with the support of the Office Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim, Top Officials said.     

Anchored on the theme “Enriching BARMM’s Future: Catalyzing Growth and Development through Enhanced Air Transportation Services”, the summit was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the ministry’s Civil Aeronautics Board of the Bangsamoro (CABB) and Bangsamoro Airport Authority (CAA).

It provided a platform for open forum and discussions to stimulate the implementation of policies that promote a sustainable and safe environment in the air transportation sector.

In his welcoming remarks, MOTC Minister Atty. Paisalin Tago, also a Member of the Parliament, highlighted the vital role of air transportation in driving economic, social, and cultural development, saying, “airport is a frontline development of economic and tourism activities”.

He further underscored the Government of the Day’s plans and programs for air transportation to amplify the region’s vast tourism potential and widening connectivity. “While fostering safe air transportation, the BARMM Government is pursuing various air transport infrastructure projects, particularly in island provinces, to improve connectivity and create more economic opportunities with various stakeholders,” Tago said. He added that “Air transportation plays an essential role in an economy encouraging trade   supporting tourism, creating employment opportunities and fostering    growth. Having an efficient air transportation infra & enabling our air 

transport sector is important  for a developing like Philippines where tourism is a major contributor to the economy and a provider of employment opportunities to the population.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

MOTC Director-I, Atty. Hanamir Emblawa, CPA presented the long-term vision and strategies for air transportation growth aiming to unlock cohesive development and prosperity and enhance the quality of life of the Bangsamoro.

Included in the topics discussed during the said presentation were the policies and regulations of air transportation in the region, joint efforts for safe and secure air travel, and strategic initiatives in sustaining a competitive market landscape and mitigating monopolistic practices.

One of the participants, Lali Odasan, admin generalist representing J&T Express of Cotabato City Branch, was grateful for the summit and described these practices as essential in addressing the significant challenges faced by the business sector in air transport.

“Through this summit, it will help the organization and business sectors to know the rules and regulations in air transportation that we must follow,” said Odasan.

“It also gives us new information about new trends, innovations, challenges, and opportunities within the aviation and commerce industry,” Odasan added.

The summit brought together officials from the regional government, leading airlines, airport authorities, service providers such as cargo forwarders, ticket sales agents, local communities, and concerned agencies for the prestigious event. The momentous event aligns with BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim’s 5th priority under his expanded 12-priority agenda, which aims to develop a system of reliable and resilient infrastructure for land, sea, and air transport to support economic growth in the BARMM. ###


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