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BARMM leaders caucus for lasting peace in Mindanao held in Oro 

By Ercel Maandig

Cagayan de Oro – The Mayors and governors of the five provinces of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) converged at Xavier Estates Ballroom here on Tuesday purposely to promote and  advance their efforts for achieving lasting peace in Mindanao.

The 5 BARMM governors affirmed their commitment to further strengthen joint efforts in promoting rule of law, peace and order, and inclusive governance and development.

After the governor’s caucus, together with the mayor’s; they signed a manifesto erected at the venue.

The manifesto stated that they will advocate rule of law, peace and order, and inclusive governance and development.

The caucus is a platform that will promote the issues of their local community which have been identified as critical and important. It also has a commitment to support the peace process of BARMM. The caucus engaged in a dialogue towards greater cooperation and collaboration with the national and regional governments and multi -sectoral groups. Their positions and recommendations will be based on data and evidence to promote the rights and welfare of their constituents.

Over a Press Conference, Lanao del Sur Governor Mamintal A. Adiong Jr. assured the media who participated that there’s no political inclination of the BARMM Governors Caucus initiative.

Also present in the caucus are Maguindanao del Sur Governor Bai Mariam Sangki Mangundadatu, Sulu Governor Abdulsakor Tan and Basilan Governor Yshmael I. Sali.

The initiative was created after a series of consultative talks and is fully supportive of the peace process,the governors will foster cooperation with national and regional governments and multi-sectoral groups, employing data driven decision making to promote rights and welfare of the constituents of the 5 provinces, and with Governor Adiong acting as spokesperson for the group.


Adiong underscored the significance of structuring and maintaining orderly peace and development in the region.”It is a shared responsibility among the national and regional governments,local government units, and law enforcement agencies. To improve coordination in law enforcement and address security challenges, The initiative will actively engage with law enforcement agencies, the peace mechanisms and other relevant agencies,he said.

The initiative is monitoring and supporting the swift completion of the decommissioning process and has expressed its readiness to work with the national and regional agencies, decommissioning bodies,and peace mechanisms to this end.

Adiong further stressed the BARMM Governors Caucus commitment to enhancing coordination between national and regional governments,peace mechanisms, and Relevant agencies.

” Our objective is to ensure effective law enforcement and to expedite the decommissioning process. The initiative will also advocate for the equitable allocation of public funds and for greater representation, and participation of citizens in governance across diverse geographical political and ethnic groups in the region, Adiong added 

They aim to facilitate citizen and group involvement in development and governance processes through electoral policies that promote inclusivity.The initiative also called for the convening of the council of leaders in the BARMM to enhance local government units and sectoral group representation in regional governance.

“We are open to collaborating with stakeholders who share similar advocacies and are eager to explore common grounds with others to attain sustainable peace and development in the region. Adiong concluded.


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