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It can be translated to mean “whatever happens, happens,” “things will turn out fine,” or as “I’ll take care of things.” In Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology) it is described as “determination in the face of uncertainty.”

Bahala Na is a Filipino attitude that expresses courage and faith in God. It means to let go and let God. It has always been an expression of optimism. These days, however, people are misusing it.

From the sheer goodness of one’s heart – are we really doing even small things for our fellow creatures?  Hey, don’t you see it? We are becoming more and more uninterested. We live without concern. We are not making the difference. We don’t even try or think about it. We have no influence or weight – neither good nor bad. Is that really what we want?

The taxi driver has learned his way and makes a detour without his conscience pricking him in taking my purse: “Nong, asa ka? Diretso lang!” … “Sorry Sir!”

On the other hand, while walking a short distance somewhere down town in Davao City, I don’t care about the (blind?) beggar, who might really need any single centavo. Many other “business beggars” or swindlers have dulled my usually open handed character. Bahala na – suddenly, I  don’t care!

Many years ago, while riding a Jeepney (yes, I always loved to do so!), I listened to two passengers. “You know, our neighbor suffers from lung cancer. He asked me for a loan because he needs to be hospitalized.” “And, what did you do?” –  ‘Wala, nothing, bahala siya. Why did he never quit smoking as I have told him already a long time ago!”

Well, here we are! Why should I help other people around me, if, on the other hand, MY cries of help or urgent appeals have been rejected, as intentionally unanswered? Indifference or egoism? It seems to be a privilege for us to close our eyes, ears, and mouth in such an indifferent and shameful way, that we hurt those who seek our attention.

Somebody tries to become our friend. Sure, why not?

Somebody was hired as a leader and needs the support of his or her staff. Sure, why not?

Somebody is ill and is suffering from persecution and needs us. Sure, why not?

Somebody needs our advice because he or she is facing a difficult decision or homelessness or living alone or losing the job. Sure, why not?

Somebody suffers overwhelming prejudice, provocation, and loss of reputation and badly needs the involvement of another helping hand. Sure, why not?

Because of indifference, we keep on destroying our good nature and the whole globe by unintentional or international contamination of the environment. Indifference allows wars instead of looking for peace. Indifference allows man to hide behind stupid excuses. Indifference goes so far that the employees of a company do not care about their work and jobs by wasting time and money. They must not be surprised if inevitable bankruptcy results.

Bahala na? I don’t care? Another human scourge…!


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