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Amazing Life of Service

Universal Intelligence Governs

When one’s life is unfettered from unbridled materialism, thus, debunking the mundane to focus on the sublime, that life will be governed by a Universal Intelligence as such follows the biblical tenet of serving the least of our brethren. That life has given credence to the biblical declaration that says, “What would profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul?” Indeed, we are all consciousness (spirit} that is eternal more than form (body) which is transient. The development therefore of spiritual qualities that bring peace, joy and love must be the priority rather than the physical pursuit of wealth, power and fame which is just temporary.

What makes the couple’s life of service most amazing was when they opted to live a life of suffering, of deprivation in a distant, difficult and deplorable place when the couple could have gone easily to the United States to have a life of comfort and wealth. What was even more amazing are the blessings, the power, creativity and love that God endowed upon them, they used these qualities to extend kindness and wonderful services to the poor and the oppressed people and never to enrich themselves or to gain prestige.

The couple’s amazing life of service miraculously brought forth the transformation of Wao which was then a very dangerous place to live when Christians and Moslems were killing each other. Amidst the risk of being killed any day, instead of moving to a peaceful and better place, the couple opted to remain in Wao based on a firm belief that their stay in Wao would have a stabilizing effect on those who had decided to be in Wao , courageously facing all the dangers and risk with a fervent prayer and firm belief that peace would reign in the land of the brave and the free. Indeed, as biblically stated, “If you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, when you tell the mountain to move from here to there, it will move.”

The couple did encourage the residents to remain with that faith and courage in their hearts that peace would reign which finally came during the term of Atty. Remdios Guiab’s 10-year Mayorship from 1988 to 1998, Her amazing leadership did transform Wao, even becoming a development show-window to other poor municipalities In Mindanao. Amazing transformation in Wao did happen, from being very poor people, the residents became well-off and Wao that was before a very troubled and dangerous place to live, became amazingly peaceful.

The most amazing thing in the couple’s lives now is that at the age of 85-year old, they are still in Wao. They did forego the invitation of their son Jeremy to join him in the place of paradise, El Nido, Palawan to just rest and enjoy life. Indeed, the couple are still in Wao continuing their amazing life of service. Dr. Jesus Guiab is still taking care of the hundreds of patients in his clinic everyday and for free at that. Atty. Remedios Guiab, a very resourceful and generous woman, is helping the people is so many ways, not just providing the poor with legal services.

The couple’s amazing life of service is indeed the most awaited light amidst the contemporaneous darkness as humanity is now suffering from collective insanity through the daily outpourings of lies and disinformation disseminated by the mainstream media amidst unbridled materialism and consumerism. Enough is enough of the fallacies of life and religions. Massive gross inequities brought about by neo-liberalism economic paradigm, social injustices, extremism and religious fundamentalism have not only caused the death of democracy but the democracy of death based on egoic mindset and compulsive thinking.

Let the couple’s amazing life of service be a model to serve notice to one and all that humanity must now be liberated from the contemporaneous flawed paradigm of life and lifestyle based on egoic mindset. There is so much veneration to the profit motive that has already captured the mindset of all governments, all universities, all institutions and all religious groups. Unlike the couple’s amazing life of service that is well rooted with the Sublime, there is now so much spiritual denigration by the contemporaneous development paradigm that has sacrificed the people and the environment to the altar of greed and profit. Such is the reason why the world is now in the brink of the precipice of the Earth’s 6 th extinction as we are now “one minute before midnight,” due to climate change as declared by thousands of concerned scientists and environmentalists.

Wake-up all victims of the fallacies of life. Dr. Jesus Guiab and Atty, Remedious Guiab have shown us the way on how to liberate humanity from the fallacies of the mundane! Like the amazing couple, let us connect with the Unseen Being where all life emanated and feel the oneness and inter-connectedness of all of God’s creation which is true love. Indeed, we are all consciousness (spirit) which is eternal and with that consciousness blooming as trail-blazed by the amazing couple, such will be a great leap forward in the evolutionary growth of humanity! Like the amazing couple, feel the essence of life deep within to know who truly we are based on what Lord Jesus Himself proclaimed that “the kingdom of Heaven is within us.” Can you not feel that? The amazing couple feel that as they are rooted with the Unseen Being where the Universal Intelligence governs making their lives so amazing!


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