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After containing coronavirus, China braces another worst floodwaters in decades

Torrential rains have caused huge damage as it became the worst flooding in history, damaging billions of properties, claimed lives in China, and continued to plague the nation.

Livelihood  of people and their homes were also destroyed by the rampaging flood waters. This, even as the country was baterred by the pandemic a few months ago.

Starting in June, this year, the flooding in China have impacted over 38 million people. According to reports, 2.24 million of the country’s population have been displaced with a combined death toll and missing persons of around 141. 

Last Sunday, July 12, Chinese authorities raised the alert level to the second highest level, as the President also described the situation in a “very grim” situation, as he also called for better and effective efforts to protect lives and properties of the people in areas badly hit by the worst flooding. 

Flood waters in Jiujiang were hard to contain but rescuers still managed to evacuate residents and free them from the worst disater in decades plaguing the country. This, as the country is facing the aftermath of the deadly coronavirus disease that started in Wuhan City in China.


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