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Academic Journals: A Story from Indonesia

It is common that faculty members or lecturers are recommended to write their research and publish it
in an academic journal. The journal publication tends to be increasing in numbers nowadays. Several
academic journal publications through out the world have come up in the internets or websites.
However, this creates crucial problems, especially in Indonesia.

Recently in Indonesia, there has been a polemic concerning the faked journal publication published in
other countries, the so- called international academic journal. This journal published an article sent by
an author but this author didn’t use his own name.
He used the two names of authors and put them under the title. These two names are the names of the
famous and top singers in Indonesia. Even the designation is not the true name of university. The name
of the university written in the article even cannot be found in Indonesia. He did this to test whether the
journal really scrutinized the source of the article (the author) and the originality.

The name of this university was written under the two names of the authors of the article. This article
was reviewed and recommended for publication after the fee payment of publication was remitted.
Later on, this article was published and then sent to the “author” (the sender). This published article has
been sent to all the internets and emails through out Indonesia (universities’ faculty members).

I also got this email and read the article. This PDf article has been widely spread and this is popularly
known as the “jurnal abal-abal” (Indonesian term for the faked journal). From this tragedy, the
government of Indonesia—through the national education department— bans the faculty members to
send their articles to the academic journals which are suspected to be the “journal abal-abal .”

From the story above, it is difficult for the faculty members to find the right academic journals. It is
difficult for them to send an article for publication. This is due to being unable to see which academic
journals are not categorized into the faked journals. Mostly, all academic journals have their websites
and list of names being their editorial board members including their university base.

In other side, it is compulsory for the faculty members to write a research article for journal publication,
preferably in international journal publications. One of the requirements of getting the higher rank
promotion is publishing an academic article in academic journal publication. Especially, those who want
to get their professor degree are required to have their articles published in reputable academic
journals. Most preferably, the intended journals are international academic journals and the national
accredited academic journals.

However, since the Indonesia government sent the list of faked journals to the faculty members through
its websites, now it is difficult for the faculty members to find the right academic journals. This is due to
the tragedy of the article which was published in “an academic journal” but in fact it is the faked journal,
being unqualified in scrutinizing and reviewing the published articles.

In Indonesia, there is a very hard regulation in relation to academic article publication. All academic
journals must be accredited by the government accreditation board through hard scrutiny. The most
dangerous thing is that, when the academic journal published a plagiarized article, its accreditation
status will be cancelled. Then they cannot propose for further accreditation. In other words, this journal
will be black listed.
So far, there are some lists of journals which have been blacklisted by the Indonesia government. These
lists of journals have been published in the national education department websites. So, all faculty
members can browse those lists of faked academic journals. The warning is that all faculty members are
not allowed to publish their research articles in these faked journals.

However, we are lucky because we have IAMURE academic journals which are academically and legally
published under the international consortium that is the International Association of Multidisciplinary
Research or IAMURE for short. There are some academic journals in this IAMURE and these journals are
recognized by international intellectuals.

By holding the international conferences, IAMURE journal publications can be well-known and
recognized worldwide. It has been crafted and designed by the president of IAMURE, Dr. Genaro V.
Japos, from Philippines. All members know him. Even, the editorial members are recognizable. It is easy
to check and find the people who are crafting this consortium. Due to the crucial problem in journal
publication, the faculty members are recommended that they should find the right academic journals.
IAMURE journal publications can be the solution to such a problem. Everything is clear and its editorial
members can easily be contacted.

The most important thing is that we have to check any article sent to our journals. By doing so, we will
not publish the article without knowing the real source or author and university. Thus, IAMURE
members are the best investigators from or in their own countries to check whether the article
submitted is the real article from the real author or university.

Dr. Djuwari is one of IAMURE members and also the editorial board member in some of its academic
journal publications.


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