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A gunshot, tear gas and water cannons to disperse pro-democracy protesters, police say

HONG KONG, CHINA (International News digital, August 25) – The Hong Kong protesters bravery and perseverance are now tested by the first gunshot heard today after barely three months of continued protests.

This, as violent clashes between the police and the so-called pro-democracy Hong Kong residents happened in Tsuen Wan, some 10 kilometers from the country's central business district. At first, there was a rally nearby at a sports stadium and it attracted thousands of people who later became a strong number of protesters calling for their rights. 

"According to my understanding, just now a gunshot was fired by a colleague… My initial understanding was that it was a uniformed policeman who fired his gun," a Hong Kong police officer told reporters.

For the first time, reporters also recorded the chaotic protests where Hong Kong police fired water cannon on Sunday, August 25, prompting some protesters to scamper for safety but still brave and stronger protesters did not succumb to the water cannons that used by the government for the first time since violent clashes start three months ago.

As usual, the country's financial hub has been haunted and gripped with violent protests from residents who were against the proposed extradition bill to China.

Earlier, the police said they would only use vehicles complete with multiple spray nozzles and real-time surveilance cameras during large-scale public disturbance. However, contrary to earlier pronouncements, they now used water cannons and even a gunshot was used to scare protesters.  

Widespread civil disobedience in Hongkong draw world attention

Earlier this week, a widespread civil disobedience in Hongkong has drawn attention of the world and all eyes are also focused on how residents in a China colony reacted to issues.

Pro-democracy protesters clashed with the country's riot police for a third straight day but Hongkong's top leader Carry Lam strongly said she would not cave to the protesters' demands.

Lam admitted the global financial hub is now threatened by the so-called "dangerous situation causing transport chaos in many parts of Hongkong, and tear gas thrown to the protesters also added much hatred on the part of protesters.

The two-month violent unrest is now threatening the collapse of the country's economy even as government forces in Hongkong continued to deny protesters in many parts of the main cities where protesters populate.   

Lam said "the protesters have seriously undermined Hong Kong’s law and order and are pushing our city, the city that we all love and many of us helped to build, to the verge of a very dangerous situation.” 

“I dare say they are trying to destroy Hong Kong,” Lam added. 



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