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A global enemy to ponder

The opportunity to come together as one humanity to work together, to learn together, to go together. Together we will win (WHO Director. 2020)

The quotation above is stated by the director of the World Health Organization (WH): Shares 5, on March 30, 2020. It is absolutely right. For combating the global enemy, we must do it in harmony. Otherwise, we lose. Covid-19 is not new when we have read some journal publications related to biology and its development. 

However, it is good to follow the WHO's advice and recommendation. But, it is merely on health care, not how to curb the national economy drastic drop in every country. Now, let’s check WHO data and advice as well as recommendations. Let’s keep ourselves updated with Covid-19 from the WHO's situation report daily. There is some information related to what Covid-19 is. How do we challenge it? What recommendation is? Etc.  

By following that WHO’s situation report, we can react to this scary coronavirus with good responsibility. Covid-19 is all the nations’ enemy. It is not only one nation. It is not only one family. It is not only an individual’s enemy. But, it is our global enemy.

Though we have a different level of being affected, we have to challenge together. If all the nations, the people in every country do the same as recommended by WHO, we can finish it together. It needs to ponder.

There are some recommended measures: lockdown, social distancing, and even for an individual’s health care. In the WHO shares 5, (on situation report 70) it is stated that compassion is the best medicine. Moreover, as the UN organ, the WHO provides suggestions related to health care. It isn’t the impact on the nations’ economy.

Humanity: work together for all of us. Not for our own individuality. We have to learn together what covid-19 is. It concerns the way to combat the covid-19,  global-enemy? The best medicine is compassion. But, it must be in harmony.

I remember the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM). It must be done simultenously worldwide. When we have different ways of tackling covid-19—throughout the globe—we cannot win. If we have a different reaction—in our own country—we cannot overcome it quickly. It’s really more disastrous. Together, we will win. Why?

In fact, the contagion process is mostly a local transmission. It is from person to person. For that reason, the measures should be appropriate as recommended by WHO. Some measures should be achieved through a combination of public health measures. It must be done together.

WHO recommended having a rapid identification, diagnosis and management of the cases, identification and follow up of the contacts, infection prevention and control in health care settings, implementation of health measures for travelers, awareness-raising in the population and risk communication. 

The ASEAN countries show different data about the cases of covid-19. When looking at the four categories, it looks different. The four important categories: (1) total confirmed, (2) total confirmed new cases: (4) total deaths, and (4) total new deaths.

Per March 30, 2020 (while I am writing this article) WHO Shares 5, situation report 70: as follows. Malaysia has 2,470 total confirmed, 150 total confirmed new cases, 50 total deaths, and 7 total new deaths, respectively. Philippines: 1418/343/71/3; Singapore: 844/42/3/1; 
Vietnam: 188/9/0/0; Brunei Darussalam: 126/6/1/0; Cambodia: 103/1/0/0; Thailand: 1524/136/9/2; Indonesia: 1285/130/114/12; Timor Leste, still under investigation: the total confirmed is only 1. It is more strikingly for the report in Timor Leste. It is stated, it is still under investigation. It has only one total confirmed.

Yet, again as the UN organ, WHO is concernwed with health care. It doesn’t provide the world public with  the way how to solve the global problem of every national economy. Unfortunatelt, this is the real problem making the national leaders get dipressed. We are sad, and in a deep condolence. The finance minister, Mr. Thomas Schaefer, Germany ( as reported by Aljazeera media on March 30/2020) had to “finish” his own life. 

We have in harmony to tackle any global enemy. We cannot do it individually-nationally, let alone personally. For the time being, we can only keep our body healthy by following the WHO’s suggestions, while we are struggling to overcome our national economic conditions.  

Dr. Djuwari is an Associate Professor and the Director of Language Laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, the editor of some research journals in the Philippines and Indonesia. He is also a journalist in some newspapers in Indonesia; the President of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER).


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