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A Filipino inspired food cart now in Cebu

For almost 6 years living a simple life in Los Angeles California-Betsy Alano, a young bubbly and smart woman, known to be the Jack of All trade both in Local & National Showbiz Scene as Co-Managing Celebrities , Directing & Doing Event Concerts on The side & PR for Local & National Politicians, has indeed proven a marked on her field. She was diagnosed with meningioma last 2019, a brain tumor on her left skull which affects her vision, that she is  to avoid long exposure on artificial lights, and long exposure to direct sunlight, but she is slowly getting better,  everything should be done moderately on her day to day life. Betsy admitted that a lot has changed on her dynamics, after the surgery, and being more forgetful was one of the side effects, that she is needed to be reminded all of the time with her appointments & day to day to do’s. Looking back, She shared everything is different  since she decided to migrate together with her daughter “Bessie” who is known to be diagnosed with severe learning disability, that in one point of betsy’s life, she never put her daughter to the lime light  and has kept  her personal life private.

6 years, how time flies so fast, and a lot has changed, turned Behavioral Therapist in the field of mental health she had dwelt with different clients, from pediatric to adults, from mild to severe cases.

On the other hand, Betsy together with her partner Stephanie Payao, a local from Cebu, has influenced betsy to learned to love the  Culture, Dialect and Food, and when we speak of Food, both ventured to their baby food cart business in the area of Talisay. Known as “Baba’s”-basta Baba’s Yummy sa Tummy” the hmm food cart serves a to go meals such as Bessie’s Silogs( which capture a new twist), Bochie’s Buffalo Wings( with Stephanie’s secret home style recipe)has turned to be one of the fast selling, and the Street Grilled Food which was Cebu known for, a touch of 2 of a kind woman, who both have children with special needs was indeed a Destiny. According to Betsy it’s SERENDIPITY. See and Visit Baba’s @ Deca Home 2, fronting Jopay’s Corner.

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