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7 arrested, 3 killed & 1 injured Law Enforcement Operation in Lanao


SEVEN (7) members of the Dawlah Islmya suspected as gun-running group and illegal drugs trading in Lanao del sur were arrested by joint Law Enforcement Operation composite Law Enforcement sections onducted in Brgy Matampay Dimarao ,Bubong in this province.

The composite team operation was in accordance with the “Oplan Paglalansag Omega” at “Oplan Salikop ” sa search warrants Special Order No. 21-670 bilang paglabag sa R.A. No. 10591 (Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition) based on the Judicial Region ,RTC, Hall of Justice, Kapatagan, Lanao del norte issued on March 27,2023, Top Officials said.

During the operation 3 suspects were killed and one (1) identified as law enforcer was injured during the encounter of the two groups.

Confiscated firearams from the suspect is , one (1) unit carbine 12-guage shotgun, One (1) unit carbine rifle caliber 5.56, Two (2) units caliber .45 pistols, One (1) piece fragmentation hand grenade, One (1) piece rifle grenade, and One !1) piece rifle scope.

Marawi City police authorities identified the arrested suspects as Sultan Macalawan, Macarambon Maulana, Nasrudin Macarambon, Acob, Salic Maulana, Anwar Aragon, Amail Sarip, Aslani Ripag and Saynola Tigunogon.

The seven (7) arrested suspects is now datained at Marawi City Police Station in preparation to file charge against them in accrodance with the law.

Families and relatives retrieved the cadaver of the victims suspects where they were brought from the hospital to burried them in accordance with Islam tradition.



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