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5 Things Pasay City Is Best Known for

Pasay City is one of the more notable cities in the greater Metro Manila area. Since part of Manila’s international airport is located here, the city is known to welcome many travelers. To serve those travelers’ needs, you can find a lot of Pasay City hotels nearby where locals also frequently stay. Apart from various places to rest and relax, this vibrant city is an exciting entertainment area as well. 

While the amazing view of the Manila Bay sunset and fresh scent of the sea continue to attract a lot of people, Pasay City has plenty to offer to all types of visitors. Whether you are visiting the city for the first time or looking for new places to go to, here are some of the things you can check out in Pasay City. 

Mall of Asia Is More than a Shopper’s Haven

Mall of Asia is the fourth largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the eleventh in the world. It has tons of retail shops that draw shopaholics to visit the mall compound’s four large buildings. But aside from retail therapy, this massive mall also offers numerous entertainment options. It is home to an Olympic-size skating rink, an IMAX theater, an entertainment arena, the SMX Convention Center, and a Ferris wheel. 

The mall also has a digital planetarium where kids and adults alike can spend an afternoon learning and having fun. There are 100 interactive exhibits and over 100 non-interactive exhibits that will keep all members of the family entertained. And if all those activities have left you feeling a little tired, you can take a break in the many cafes and bistros or enjoy different cuisines in the various restaurants inside the mall.  

Historical Trip with Sun Cruises Day Tour

Escape the busy city and board a ferry boat to visit Corregidor Island. Located at the entrance of Manila Bay, the island was once fortified with coastal artillery batteries to defend Manila. Now, it is a popular tourist spot where you can see remnants of the past and bask in its enchanting beauty.

Visit the many historical sights on the island, including the mile-long barracks, Spanish lighthouse, and museums. If you are a nature lover, there are forested hills and greeneries you can enjoy too. Add some thrill to your afternoon adventure by watching the light and sound show at the Malinta tunnel or riding the Rocket Zipline. To get there, the departure point is at the Sun Cruises’ terminal office at Esplanade Seaside Terminal.  

Aircraft Displays at the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

If you have a penchant for military artifacts, then you need to take a trip to the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum. Located in Villamor Air Base, this aviation museum was founded in 1974 to honor the heroes and airmen of the Philippine Air Force.

Apart from weapons, the museum houses various galleries that display uniforms, dioramas, memorabilia, and photos of early Philippine aviation. To inspire younger generations of Filipinos to be involved in aerospace technology, this place has aircraft mock-ups and Philippine Air Force experimental projects. You can also find indoor static aircraft from different eras, from helicopters, commercial planes, to World War II relics—making it a great place to visit for aspiring pilots.

In addition, the museum has several artworks by talented artists showing the Philippine Air Force’s history and its various roles to the Filipino nation. You can also explore the Aircraft Park where historic Air Force aircraft are out for viewing and photography purposes. At times, the museum becomes a venue for workshops, symposia, and other social events to the community.

Shows and Events at Newport Performing Arts Theater

While Pasay City boasts a long and rich history, it is also a hub for arts and culture. At the Newport Performing Arts Theater, you can enjoy live shows and plays. It can accommodate up to 1,500 guests and has one of the biggest LED screens in Asia—creating a beautiful and impressive video backdrop for various shows. With a state-of-the-art digital audio system, intelligent lighting, complex fly system, and the widest stage in the Philippines, watching in Newport Theater is truly a memorable experience.

But even before a show begins, prepare to be amazed as soon as you step into the entrance hall of the theater. It has an elegant design that creates a luxurious ambiance and is highlighted with impressive crystal chandeliers and a mirror sculpture by world-renowned Filipino sculptor Impy Pilapil.

Newport Theater has been staging numerous plays and is also a regular venue for the popular singing competition, The Voice Philippines.

Fresh Seafood at Seaside Dampa

There is so much to see and do in Pasay City that an eventful day in the vibrant city can leave you feeling tired or hungry. While there are plenty of cuisines you can choose from, you can’t miss out on the fresh seafood and unique experience at the Seaside Dampa. 

This is not your typical dining place where you immediately sit down and look at the menu. Here, you need to take a quick trip to the seaside market and pick the fresh catch of the day. You will then select among the rows of restaurants within the compound and ask them to cook your purchase according to your liking. Your choices of dishes can include chili crabs, stir-fried prawns, cheese-topped mussels, and seafood barbeque. While many seafood lovers flock to this casual dining spot for its flavors, many people are also lured in by the affordable price.

The astonishing view of the Manila Bay sunset and a whiff of fresh sea breeze are just some of the things that visitors can look forward to when they go to Pasay City. This lively city has so much to offer to various individuals. Whether you want entertainment for the whole family or a place to enjoy fresh seafood, Pasay City has it all. If you want more, let your adventurous side take over and explore other parts of the city. You might just discover new spots to enjoy.


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