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3 CPP-NPA Terrorists Yield, Surrender 12 Firearms to Army in Bukidnon

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON – Exhaustion, hunger, and the immaculate pressure brought by the focus military operations of the 8th Infantry (Dependable) Battalion, led to the surrender of three (3) CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and the capture of 12 firearms from the different arms caches in Saldab Complex and Pantaron Range in Bukidnon on August 8, 2023.

Driven by the mandate to finish the remnants of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) by end of 3rd Qtr this year, the 8IB led by Lieutenant Colonel Anthony A Bacus, under the Operational Control of the 403rd Infantry (Peacemaker) Brigade under Brigadier General Michele B Anayron Jr., has been relentless in the conduct of Focused Military Operations, backed-up by the stakeholder engagements through Civil-Military Operations, and the perennial monitoring of Intelligence Operations in its area of operation. This resulted in the series of encounters, constricting CTG’s movement and breathing-space, thus, leaving them with no other option but to surrender, or be neutralized.

The CNT surrenderers identified as Jimboy B Tingkayan @Jovan, Mbr, Ordnance (Copper), ROC, NCMRC; Michael L Donggo @Mighty/Rexan, Sqd SO, Sqd 3, RSDG Compaq, NCMRC; and Mansalodong N Lan-awan @Manglomat-og, Milisyang Bayan/ Mbr, SSGU, SRC 2, NCMRC revealed that they abandoned the CTG because of exhaustion, hunger and demoralization brought about by the relentless military operations and lack of support from the civilian populace.

Jimboy Tingkayan, who had spent six (6) years in the communist terrorist movement, was witness to numerous atrocities conducted by the CTG against innocent people and vital facilities in Bukidnon. Being a member of the ROC also provided him many opportunities to have access to a handful of information wherein, he voluntarily cooperated by revealing different locations of arms caches in the hinterlands of Pantaron Range and Saldab Complex, where assorted high-powered firearms, anti-personnel mines and other war materiel were buried. This resulted to the capture of four (4) AK47 Rifles, one (1) M16 Rifle, one (1) M14 Rifle, two (2) M203 Grenade Launchers, and one (1) Carbine Rifle. Meanwhile, Michael Donggo, a CTG regular member and Mansalodong Lan-awan, a Milisyang Bayan surrendered one (1) Carbine Rifle, one (1) KG9 Sub-Machine Gun, and one (1) .38 Caliber Revolver, making it a total of 12 firearms surrendered to the government. The trio who was fed up with the lies and manipulation of the CTG leaders call to other CNTs to return to the folds of the law and avail the E-CLIP benefits of the government.

In a statement, 403Bde Commander Brigadier General Michele B Anayron Jr. lauded the troop’s commitment to press on the fight and the support of the local populace in the communities, as the catalysts to the coming total defeat of the CTG. “We highly appreciate the full cooperation and concern of the local populace, especially the barangay officials who led their communities in moving towards the path of peace. Their support led to the series of encounters as well as the previous successful operations in Saldab Complex. I would also like to commend our troops for the job well done. However, we will not stop until we totally defeat the CTG. As to the CNT surrenderers, we welcome you back to the folds of the law, back to your families, and to the new chapter of your lives, free from the disillusionment brought to you by the CTG. The cooperation and partnership between the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the local populace, and different agencies displayed the perfect institutionalization of Executive Order No. 70, the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) or the “Whole-of-Nation” approach which significantly facilitate the total decline of the CTG and allow the former rebels to enjoy freedom and take advantage of the services of the government.”



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