3-3-2023 is Samgyupsalamat Day


Manila, Philippines — Since 2012, Samgyupsalamat has offered premium unlimited Korean BBQ experiences to diners across the Philippines. With over 70 branches nationwide, Samgyupsalamat only continues to grow bigger and better. As the first and the #1 unlimited KBBQ restaurant in the Philippines, Samgyupsalamat has become a delicious avenue for Filipinos to celebrate their small and big wins – and to bond over Korean food with family, friends, and loved ones.

In Korea, March 3 (3.3) is celebrated as Samgyeopsal Day. This unofficial holiday celebrated on the third day of the third month corresponds to the literal meaning of samgyeopsal which is “three-layered meat” (sam (삼; 三) meaning “three”, gyeop (겹) meaning “layer”, and sal (살) meaning “flesh”).

To honor this day, Samgyupsalamat declares March 3 as Samgyupsalamat Day in the Philippines, offering unlimited KBBQ for only ₱333 on March 3, 13, 23 and 30 from 11am to 3pm. Come in a group of 3 or more to avail this limited offer. Even better, Samgyupsalamat fans will also get a chance to win a free trip to Jeju Island in South Korea by taking part in Samgyupsalamat’s Hallyu Challenge!”.

According to Engr. Daryl Dexter Julio, one of Samgyupsalamat’s Directors, “The growth and recovery of Samgyupsalamat has been phenomenal. Despite the pandemic, we have remained strong with the support of our loyal customers. In the face of all the challenges we all faced together, including other companies copying the concept, we continue to feel the love and loyalty of our kababayans for more than a decade now. This March 3, it is our turn to say salamat to everyone who has loved Samgyupsalamat.

For more information on Samgyupsalamat Day and how to enjoy the Php333 offer on March 3, visit www.facebook.com/samgyupsalamat.