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1st CDO Millennials Music and Arts Festival this January

MILLENNIALS seem to have taken listening to music to a new level. More and more, millennials are merely turning to music to make their days go by better. But why is it so effective?

Interestingly, the millennial obsession with music has resulted in what appears to be stronger emotional engagement, with millennials listening to the same music longer, as compared to our hit-hopping parents and grandparents, whose selections generally spent far less time on the charts.

Millennial attendance of music festivals has nearly doubled in just three years. Studies show that at least 29% of millennials have attended a music festival or live concert in the last 12 months. This increase hasn’t been caused by millennials’ desire to passively view live performances. So why are millennial fans flocking to concerts and music festivals?

Music events are a great way for people to take a mental break from their day-to-day reality. So it’s no surprise that most millennials attend music festivals seeking escape. Multi-day events offer this experience, but single-day events and concerts can do so, too, with a little creativity. On this note, we thought of putting together a music & arts festival for the millennials, starting off from Cagayan de Oro where there is such a clamor to go out and vent, de-stress and express themselves through live concerts of bands and performers they look up to because 80% of millennial music-goers are more likely to attend a show or festival that features artists they believe are affecting positive change.

We’ve put together a good mix of talents, all prominent in this millennium. You’ll hear familiar songs, mostly originals, from currently popular artists and local acts, solo performances, dance troupes, a myriad of arts and crafts. Featured are industry legends Joey Ayala with Bagong Lumad, Dong Abay Music Organization, HALE, Jireh Lim and Silent Sanctuary.

We have something for every millennial’s musical and artistic crave – this is what’s in store for you at the very 1st CDO Millennials Music & Arts Festival!

The very 1st CDO Millennials Music and Arts Festival is a SIRHC EVENT PRODUCTION project.

SIRHC’s mission and vision is to cultivate and nurture Philippine talent, bringing it to the fore by producing first-rate concerts and events here and abroad. PR

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