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13 Years of Mindanao Daily: Way Forward, Big Leap Onward

THIRTEEN years ago today, Mindanao Daily came into being during a time when the brains of this emerging community newspaper was at the crossroads of his media career, that of breaking the media landscape —in the road less travelled of community newspapering in Cagayan de Oro.

Dante M. Sudaria, the prime mover of Mindanao Daily has faced off the many insurmountable challenges of managing a community newspaper —all by himself— embracing all the odds in this of era of emerging Artificial Intelligence as he stamped out financial footprints leading to his ultimate vision— that of making Mindanao Daily the leading mainstream and social media platform in the region.

That being said, Mindanao Daily today continues its journey as purveyor of Truth, Justice and Development with over a million of varied readers — and counting worldwide.

Mindanao Daily’s Chief Architect Dante M. Sudaria has laid down a grand plan in the next five years and beyond, aiming to reach out further as the country’s leading regional newspaper based in Mindanao.

As front runner of the mainstream and digital platform, Sudaria underscored the discerning role of MIndanao Daily in breaking the media landscape in this era of digital age.

Mindanao Daily, as the leading gatekeeper today maintains high quality and authenticity of information it shares to the reading public.

And yet Mindanao Daily faces the many challenges — financial burden included — as it continues to herald its commitment as the premier carrier of information in the region.

It continually and persistently throws most of its weight behind supplying local coverage and making national and international news stories relate by finding a significant local angle.

Mindanao Daily continues to embrace this civil role by promoting the general welfare of the community as it plays a vital role in community development by empowering individuals, preserving culture, facilitating information sharing, promoting engagement, amplifying diverse voices, building skills, and stimulating economic growth for Mindanao and the country as a whole.


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