JFA Centro celebrates 2nd anniversary

April 4, 2018

The senior pastor of the church is Rev. Alexander Gadian with his wife Ann Marie as pastor. During the event, the speaker was Bishop Herbert Gadian, the founding president of Jesus for All Nations Network International, which has already 170 chapter churches under its fold. Mayor Oscar Moreno likewise gave a congratulatory message. The church started in March 2016. “This church lifts up Jesus Christ as the Savior and the only hope for humanity,” Gadian said. “Our church mission is preaching the gospel and making disciples of the Lord Jesus and since it is still our first year, we focus more on discipleship class, trainings and Bible studies.” Their Sunday service is at Dynasty Court Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Bishops and pastors from different local churches also graced the celebration.  

President Manuel Roxas’ 70th Death Anniversary Marked Today

April 3, 2018

He finished law in 1913 from the University of the Philippines College of Law, and passed the bar the same year. His entire political career spans 31 years beginning with his appointment as member of his hometown’s municipal council in 1917, and highlighted by his holding the highest office of the land from May 28, 1946 to April 15, 1948. Roxas is distinctly known in Philippine history for his exemplary leadership and dedication to public service. Inheriting a country in ruins when he took over the reins of government at the end of World War II, this “nation builder” spurred our country’s return to normalcy and growth with his master economic plan, the very first known in developing Asia. The great leader Claro M. Recto claimed that with “the extreme brevity of time fate was to allot to him”, which was barely 23 months into office, no other ruler with such talent and industry could have achieved as much as President Roxas did. In one year of office, President Roxas has provided a leadership which restored national vitality and safely bridged the critical transition period from Commonwealth status to Republic. The late President’s legal mentor and first dean of the UP College of Law George Malcolm believed that few of Roxas’ generation approached him in brilliancy of mind, in breadth of information, and in gift of charm. The late President’s talent was notably evident in pioneer planning in the financial and economic fields. Malcolm wrote “Withal, Roxas was passionately devoted to his country. So honest was he in administering the important positions entrusted to him that, on occasions, he was in financial distress. Roxas died a poor man.” The most profound tribute ever paid Roxas would come from the late President Manuel L. Quezon when he wrote to General MacArthur: “The news that Roxas has fallen in the hands of the enemy has almost broken me completely for I suspect that after his insistent refusal to be the President of the Philippines the Japanese have murdered him. But oh, how proud I am of him! I almost envy him for he had occasion to do what I wanted to do for myself — to tell the Japanese that we want nothing from them. If Roxas has been murdered he is the greatest loss that the Filipino people have suffered on this war. He can’t be replaced. And I don’t know how long this race will produce another Manuel Roxas.” President Manuel A. Roxas succumbed to a heart attack on April 15, 1948 at Clark Field, Pampanga.

Region XIII Showcase Barangay: Sangay, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte Successfully Holds Barangay Assembly on Black Saturday

April 3, 2018

Still, Barangay Sangay in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, the showcase barangay of Caraga region successfully held the assembly with a 458-strong number of attendees. In line with the theme, “Kapit-kamay tungo sa Pagbabago ng Barangay! Makiisa! Makilahok! Makialam!”, Punong Barangay Mateo B. Mapute, Sr. delivered the State of Barangay Address (SOBA) highlighting the accomplishments of the barangay in governance. The Barangay Treasurer gave a comprehensive financial report while a representative of the Barangay Council presented on updates of 2018 programs and projects of the barangay. One of the highlights of the assembly was the reading of Secretary of the Interior and Local Government (SILG) - Officer-in- charge Eduardo Año by DILG Caraga Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Donald A. Seronay wherein he stressed that the barangay has a big contribution to the country. The message also enjoined all community members to be active partners in the fight against drugs and corruption and called on barangay officials to be “matino, mahusay, at maaasahan.” “Matino, Mahusay at Maaasahan” Other guests present were Buenavista Chief of Police (COP) PCI Calvin N. Placer, Jr. who discussed drug clearing operation, PO2 Allen Genilla who talked on Anti- trafficking in Person (ATIP), and 1 st LT Arthur Vincent Vidad for the peace and order situation. Buenavista Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) briefly presented on the “Matino, Mahusay, at Maaasahan campaign for the 2018 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE)” and Introduction to Federalism.


April 2, 2018

No need to explain headlines and daily news! Killing in every part of the world is unceasing! Warriors go and fight prepared to kill and to be killed with no fear. In the forests, in the streets, a lot of them are found dead bodies spread-eagled. In the rivers and oceans, a lot of them are found floating if not eaten by the hungry sharkes.   But what about those innocent lives who are just victims of war atrocities? Are they prepared to die in such a horrible state? It is sickening to realize that those people are killed within just a flick of a finger by those war-oriented people. Moreoften, we can learn through media about numbers of people dead and injured caused by building and streets bombings, chemical poisonongs (!), and nuclear power testings. Killings - yes, there will be always killings! Because the Super Powers are in a race to put as many weapons as possible into their allies' hands. The Arm producers are urged and more encouraged to make more weapons and explosives. As the Great Powers never stop intervening in these small countries' affairs, there will be more casualties. Wouldn't it much  better for them to help the Third World countries economically than supplying them with weapons? How many more innocent lives shall we find scattered in the streets? How  many more of them will be seen floatingin the open seas with shattered bodies? And how many more young and old people will be buried innocently at the bottom of the sea leaving their loved-ones to suffer pain and extreme grief? War is hell and the world has had enough! When will stability prevail in this world? In one of my previous columns in this corner, several years ago, I asked "Cold War - Hot War?". It was the time, the Ukraine crisis began. Today, let's ask ourselves the same question. And? Homo sapiens - quo vadis?  Email: or follow me in Facebook, LinkdedIn or Twitter or visit or .

Peace Rally sa Mga Lumad sa Bukidnon Nagmalampuson

March 28, 2018

Kapin 1,517 katawo nga gikan sa mga Lumad, kabatan-onan, mga mag-uuma, kababayin-an, religious sector, kasundaluhan, kapulisan, Local Government Units, ug uban pang mga miyembro sa magkalain-laing sektor susama sa KARANCHO, Kabalikat Civicom, ug POINTY (Youth Organization) ang mitambong sa maong Peace Rally nga adunay tumong nga ipakita ang nagkahiusang panawagan sa katawhan sa probinsya sa Bukidnon alang sa pagpaundang sa mga hulga sa armadong pakigbisog ug mga kagubot aron makab-ot ang kalinaw ug kalambuan. Gisugdan ang maong kalihukan pinaagi sa usa ka Walk For Peace sa sentro sa maong lungsod paingon sa Municipal Gymnasium kung asa gipahigayon ang Peace Rally. Mitambong sa maong panagtigum si Mayor Anthony A. Uy sa Impasugong; Mayor Azucena P. Huervas sa Valencia City; Mayor Miguel A. Silva sa Pangantucan; Brigadier General Eric C. Vinoya, Commander sa 403rd Brigade; Police Superintendent Salvador N. Radam sa Bukidnon Police Provincial Office; SP Richard D. Macas, ang provincial IPMR sa Bukidnon; ug si SP Gino Armstrong D. Garcia, ang Committee Chair on Peace and Order. Una nang misaad sa pagtambong si Governor Jose Maria R. Zubiri, Jr. apan mibalibad kini tungod sa sama ka importante nga kalihukan nga iyang tambungan sa ubang lugar. Gilakbit sa maong panagtigom ang paghatag ug mga mensahe alang sa kalinaw ug kalambuan gikan sa mga Mayor, mga lideres sa magkalain-laing hugpong, kasundaluhan, ug kapulisan. Gipaambit sa maong mga mensahe ang hagit sa tanang katawhan sa panaghiusa alang sa kalinaw ug lakip usab ang panawagan sa teroristang CPP-NPA sa Bukidnon sa pag undang sa ilahang armadong pakigbisog ug pagnaog balik sa katilingban pinaagi sa ilang pagbalik sa sabakan sa balaud. Nahuman ang maong panagtigom pinaagi sa pag awit sa "Pilipinas Kong Mahal" isip pagpakita sa pagmahal sa nasudnong Pilipinas, ug sa pagpalupad sa mga lobo alang sa kalinaw.

Bambi hands over P500,000 to Macajalar Bay Development Alliance

March 27, 2018

“In any way that I can help to protect our environment, I’ll do anything to preserve it. I’m a farmer by heart, and I know what our fisher folks and land tillers need,” Gov. Emano told the MBDA as to why he is keen of providing assistance to genuine environment groups. The governor was astounded by the MBDA’s strong campaign to protect the environment for the safety and conservation of its inhabitants. PIO/PR


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