Mayor wishes for Peace & Harmony | Bell Church, Oro LGU pray for peace and prosperity for all

February 19, 2018

In our church, we believe that the first person to plant an incense stick in our incense urn will have the best chance to get his wish,” explained Greg Marten Lao, former Bell Church Cagayan de Oro Chapter president. “So we have this ceremony on the eve of every Chinese New Year, usually held from 11am to 1AM.” Like in last year’s New Year’s Eve rites held in this same church, Mayor Moreno again led the lighting and planting of the big incense stick in the incense urn. Asked about his wish for the Year of the Earth Dog, the chief executive replied, “Peace and Harmony.” The evening’s festivities were dampened by a heavy downpour just before 10AM but the skies cleared up just in time to enable the traditional shooting of fireworks at Rodelsa Circle. Lao said the fireworks this year were sponsored by the various associations of the Filipino-Chinese community in Cagayan de Oro led by Mr. See C. Hong and was held earlier at 10:30pm to allow more people outside the church to witness the it since they could only accommodate a limited number of people in Bell Church. “Last week during our Feb 10 launching, we stressed the qualities of the Dog who represents service, loyalty and responsibility,” Lao explained. “We hope that the Filipino-Chinese community can work closely with the mayor and the city government to improve the local economy especially with the Chinese investors we are inviting to visit and consider Cagayan de Oro.” Lao called the media’s attention to the Bell Church water fountain which is designed as a receptacle for money “so we hope this year we will have plenty of money for Cagayan de Oro.” “The City Government in Cagayan de Oro has joined the Chinese community of Cagayan de Oro in celebrating Chinese New Year,” Mayor Moreno said in response. “We can learn a lot from Chinese traditions, values, and philosophies. And aside from that, Cagayan de Oro is what it is now, largely also because of the contribution of the Filipino-Chinese community. They are very much a part of the city, of the region, and even of the country. It’s appropriate and consistent with our philosophy of living in peace and harmony, that we join the Filipino-Chinese community in celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year.” The following day, the Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese Community held its traditional motorcade starting at Rodelsa Circle, around the city then back to Bell Church to distribute tikoy to everyone for luck. “We have been doing this for the last four years,” Lao said. “Everybody regardless of wealth or social stature is welcome to partake of this lucky tikoy because it comes from the church.” Lao said most people in Cagayan de Oro observe the Southern Chinese traditions from Fujian province with 95% of all Chinese-Filipinos in Cagayan de Oro originally coming from the town of Jinjiang, near Xiamen. However, only in Bell Church are Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity represented in one church. Bell Church was founded in 1960 by Chinese immigrants from Canton, China. They established its first church and main office at the boundary of Baguio City and Trinidad municipality, Benguet. The name Bell Church comes from the basic function of a bell, which is to call one’s attention to an important message or warning of an impending threat. Bell Church has five major patron saints who symbolize the five major religions in China: Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Confucianism. In a similar manner, the Bell Church’s mission was formed primarily to serve as a catalyst for mankind’s spiritual awakening, and the full acceptance of the ultimate importance to traverse the right path in life. This is achieved by fostering brotherhood aimed at the fulfillment of one’s shared responsibility to society. Last February 7, Bell Church Spiritual Leader and Head Administrator Rev. Elias R. Ng presided over the Rededication and Reinstallation of the Patron Saints of Bell Church at their Cagayan de Oro Church in Tambo, Macasandig. Bell Church was not spared the destruction wreaked by the flashfloods spawned by Tropical Storm Vinta last December 22, 2017. The whole church compound was flooded, including everything inside the church. With the cooperation and support of all Bell Church members in Cagayan de Oro, repairs and cleaning were carried out in time for the Lunar New Year’s Eve last February 16, 2018. The ceremony started with the placing of treasures inside the incense furnace, representing gold and silver paper money, rice and coins. The subsequent lighting and offering of the big incense stick by Rev. Elias R. Ng and the ringing of the bell served as a blessing to the church, its members and the city of Cagayan de Oro. Officers and members of the Cagayan de Oro Chapter of the Bell Church took turns carrying the statues of the five patron saints to the altar as a sign of unity in fulfilling the church’s mission and show of devotion to the patron saints. The lighting of the candles by the officers signified a new beginning and life after hardships with them leading the way illuminated by the light of wisdom from the saints. The flowers represented growth to empower the congregation to continuously and actively participate in propagating the Bell Church’s teachings. The fruit offering represent blessings of prosperity for the church and members to enable them to better 

VjANDEP incorporates businesses

February 13, 2018

CAMIGUIN - VjANDEP Pastel of Camiguin ahs been known as the trademark product from the Island Born of Fire. It is also one of the oldest delicacies of the Camiguingnons. Eleanor Jose, born and raised in the island, was the first to commercialize the pastel on January 8, 1990 from a P120 capital of what was left of her military husband’s Christmas bonus. The original pastel yema filling is the most popular flavor up to these days from the recipe that was handed down from generations. As the VjANDEP brand grew and the pastels demand with it, the pastel brand has now over 19 flavors catering to tourists and locals alike in Camiguin, even extending to Cagayan de Oro, the whole country and even overseas. Gasa, a vernacular term for pasalubong, simply means a gift from travel and has become an essential culture among Filipinos when traveling. And after many years of building the VjANDEP name in Camiguin and its neighboring cities and towns, Gasa as a pasalubong store was born to accommodate different Filipio made products from different parts of the countrya dn thrives to bring every product from across the nation into Gasa’s one-stop shop. Gasa has created a convenient way to bring joy to families who visit the island of Camiguin and the city of Cagayan de Oro. Two years ago, Samuel started to delight the Filipino palates and the tourists in the island of Camiguin by offering Filipino dishes in a modern versus rustic Filipino ambiance. With the dining area making use of carefully crafted dining sets and Spanish-era inspired interior, Samuel restaurant in Camiguin has made its mark in brining comfort food to tourists and locals. Popular dishes from the Samuel kitchen are battered chicken, pork sisig, leche flan and halo-halo among many others. They are sure favorites in very guest’s table. Ba’ay is a Camiguingnon way of saying balay. It is also a  common way to say home. Ba’ay is strategically and conveniently located at the corner of Rizal street in Mambajao within the same building as Samuel andGasa. It is a convenient and budget-friendly accommodation that will surely give guests the genuine experience of Filipino hospitality. Ba’ay offers both bed and breakfast services and hostel facilities right in the heart of Mambajao.

First Business-to-Business Event | First TravelX The B2B Event

February 13, 2018

Hosted by the Department of Tourism Region 10 office and organized by tourism consultants and event management company, Selrahco, the two-day event will bring in around close to 100 representatives from the hotel and resort sectors, local tourism offices, event organizers, tour operators, large and medium sized corporations and social and civic clubs. Cagayan de Oro was selected to host TravelX - The B2B Event after it lauched direct flight links with several cities and top tourist destinations such as Boracay, Clark, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran, Zamboanga and 10 other points across the archipelago. “We are inviting travel agents, tour operators, organizations, associations and event and meeting organizers from Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao who plan to organize tours or conferences in places like Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, Zamboanga, Bohol and Boracay to attend the one day business session on February 22,” said Charles Lim, the organizer of the event. Lim said TravelX will provide a perfect networking platform for travel stakeholders and at the same time, promote increased awareness about the beautiful tourist attractions of the featured destinations evn as he urged the travel community in the region to take advantage of it. Some of the prestigious establishments which have already signed up for TravelX are Radissons Blu, Park Inn, Bellevue Resort, Be Resort, Almont Resort, Savoy Hotel, Belmont Hotel, Marco Polo, Almont Hotel, San Remegio Beach Club, Quest Hotel,Dakak Resort and properties, Be Resorts, Bohol Beach Club, Bai Hotel and Cagayan de Oro-based hotels like Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort, and Seda Centrio. Other entities participating include the Iloilo Provincial Tourism Office, Lite Shipping, Cebu Pacific Air, Asiatic Adventure Tours, Enchanted Kingdom, itravel tourist lane, 4 bros and i events and travel, getGo. Registration is open on a first come first served basis to corporate clients. travel agents, civic clubs and accredited event organizers from Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental for free. Interested parties can call Apollo Santos at +639273173737 or email him a TravelX -The B2B Event is supported by the Department of Tourism regional offices of regions 7, 9, 11 and 10 with Limketkai Luxe Hotel and Cebu Pacific as main sponsors and Quest Hotel and Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort as featured event sponsors. Media partners are Business Week Mindanao, CDO Bloggers, KBP Cagayan de Oro Chapter and


February 8, 2018

A  little bit more than two weeks. Christmas again.    Much could be told or written about all the wonderful places worldwide. A lifetime would not be enough to discover the whole world.  Millions of Filipino migrants are still working and living in many countries all over the world. But those  Filipinos are so occupied and tired with work, that on a half-day of not working, they don't even have the energy to go out anymore. They prefer to rest instead. They work until dawn. There's even no more time letters or send emails anymore. They get up early next day  to do the same activities. Again and again...  They fail to appear on dates or appointments even schedules were already set. On the last minute going out on a free half-day, but suddenly guests arrive who need to be served for example. All these and more make it difficult for the OFW's to find time for themselves.  Christmas time should let us remember and remind of our beloved ones somewhere out there. Being "there somewhere abroad" is something like being in a garden of roses. Everybody is free to pick up flowers, but surely everybody will not find that easy because the roses are on top of the thorns. Being abroad is even more complicated then that. Indeed, much has been written and talked about homesickness of mind and heart - especially during Christmas season and the time between "yesterday and tomorrow".  Many Filipinos stay in countries, where deep winter is reigning right now. Wearing three jackets a day, warm winter clothes and, from the start one must be always in top form, not only lively but also elegantly. Homesickness usually attacks, when "your people abroad" receive unpleasant notices from home, as I heard many saying before :"Problema at magpadala ka ng pera!" The loved ones oversea even try to save a little amount for airfares just in case they need to come immediately to their families in the Philippines. Many times they consider the difficulty and complication in sending money home. Many times they can't afford to visit the Philippines for a long time... . Homesickness comes, when we hear that one if the boys at home doesn't want to go to school anymore. Homesickness comes when misunderstandings between husband and wife or closed friends arise.  How about me? Sure, homesickness comes also for me, especially during this time. Even living in the Philippines for good since 1999, I am still missing my home country Germany and many people there. Even or especially a cold Holy and Silent Night with deep snow while walking to midnight mass. Season and homesickness... . Email: doringklaus@gmail or follow me in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or visit or .


February 2, 2018

Christmas evokes memories and sentiments that travel with us treasured gifts of our hearts. It is the time for reflection of the year past, of things we've done to make a difference in the lives of others. It's indeed a time for thanksgiving for the blessings received, and for the trials and pains that helped shape, strengthen, and mold us to become better persons. "Hay nako" - the typical Philippine expression, I adopted many times since living in the Philippines for good. What on earth am I here for? The more I look around the world, the more people I'm able to observe: stranded people, but many still having the optimistic smile on their faces. People, who are losing more and more of their bearings and are getting muddled in their lives.  If several political leaders globally confuse us more instead of leading us on the right way, we cry out for a satisfying answer through the institution church. It doesn't matter what season we are in: wars, climate change with natural disasters, helpless politicians at the present G20 - conference trying to portray a positive outlook with their picture taking... . Yes, "hay nako" ...! Modesty will never get them what they actually deserve. Charity and brotherly or sisterly love, as the bible teaches us, are becoming foreign terms. moral and human values are badly needed to drive and out energy and vigor in our daily life as we stroll into painful indifference and peppered egoism.  Our daily ill feelings regarding all parts of our life can't be or can't remain as a permanent state of affairs. Incompetent and incapable leaders, who are still being able to continue in their own monstrous, unhindered and impertinent style are every country's poison and reason for decline. During the last weeks I received innumerable religious and philosophical literature and invitation from several institutions. I must confess, that I have been confused many times. I am sorry and I really wish to apologize, if I reject most "of this stuff", and, if I decide NOT to answer such emails or text messages. Sure, it's is Christmas time, but... . May the love and humility the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ signified remain etched in our hearts. Let not the frenetic gift-giving and seemingly endless merriment becloud the pristine message that Christmas imparts. Email: Visit: or  or follow me in Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter .  

Security Bank Wins Big at The Asset Benchmark Research Awards

December 21, 2017

Since 2014, Security Bank Corporation has been consistent in winning this distinction, recognizingits potential for investors in the region. Security Bank Corporation (PSE: SECB) recently bagged three accolades from the prestigious Asset Benchmark Research Awards at the Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore. Lauded by local and regional financial institutions, Security Bank was recognized as “Top Bank for Government Bonds”, “Top Bank for Corporate Bonds” and “Top Investment House in the Philippines by the said body. The Asset uses the Asian Local Currency Bond Benchmark Review in determining the winners of the said award. The review is conducted annually with respondents from various investors in Asia using different methods to give subscribers detailed, actionable results. “We are deeply humbled by the awards we have received from The Asset. These achievements further inspire us to continue providing the best in market banking services that we offer to our loyal investors and banking clients,” says Security Bank Corporation President & CEO Alfonso Salcedo, Jr. “Fulfilling our BetterBanking promise, these awards prove that Security Bank is one of Asia’s most competitive banks in the region,” he concludes. Security Bank officers were also recognized on the same awards night: Ramon M. Arriola, Jr., Dino Aquino and Nicolo Cruz were recognized as Most Astute Investors; Carlyn Dulay and Angeline Sia-Uy were lauded for being Best Individuals in Sales while Rossanna Refuerzo was awarded as the Best Individual in Trading. More than 300 industrial fixed income investors across 11 Asian markets were surveyed to rate the best banks or securities companies using a strict criteria. Security Bank was deemed as one of the best banks and financial service institutions by investors. The Asset Benchmark Research Awards has produced peer-generated rankings of best individuals and most astute investors in Asian local currency and Asian G3 bonds for more than a decade. The Asset only awards the best financial institutions that vetted premium financial services to its investors.


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