[Transcript] Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 84th Anniversary of the AFP

December 18, 2019


Kindly sit down. Thank you.


The commander kindly give the tikas pahinga. Thank you.


Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps; Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and the other members of the Cabinet; AFP Chief of Staff General Noel Clement and the major service commanders; the officers and enlisted personnel and civilian employees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno; mga kababayan.

It is an honor for me to stand before the gallant men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as we celebrate this milestone in your esteemed organization.

Today, we celebrate more than eight glorious decades of selfless service rendered by generations of valiant officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees of our Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

Let us remember that today, we celebrate not only the battles won and the enemies defeated, but also the storied past of those who came before you – the men and women of the AFP who inspired you to aspire to become part of this elite organization.

Let me take this opportunity to recognize your significant contributions not only in defending our nation from external and internal security threats, but also in humanitarian and disaster response in times of natural and man-made disasters.

The dependability and reliability of the AFP have been recently tested after the series of earthquakes that rocked Mindanao and the storm and flooding that inundated [parts] of Luzon and in some areas in the Visayas. Know that for your selfless service during these times of need, the entire nation will be grateful.

As this administration continues to intensify efforts to eradicate the ills that still plague our society, I trust that the AFP will also fight corruption within its halls through internal reforms that will not only improve the financial state of our soldiers, but also develop their character, competence and capacity to fulfill their mandate.

We celebrate the 84th Anniversary of the AFP with optimism that the succeeding generations of uniformed personnel will foster a stronger and more dependable armed forces as well as a safer and more secure Philippines.

I am therefore asking you to remain committed in your duty as the primary force in realizing lasting peace and sustainable development across our country.

I assure you of my unqualified support, especially as we continue our fight to defeat terrorism and violent extremism, end insurgency, and address lingering and emerging threats to our national security.

The Filipino people will continue to count on you, each one of you, to remain steadfast in your noble mission to defend our sovereignty and maintain peace in our communities and you should not fail.

Eh magbigay lang ako nang kaunting --- either in Tagalog or Visayan or a dialect --- for the benefit of the rest of the Filipino people.

Ang sundalo kasi natin, sundalo ng bayan at utusan ng bayan at runner ng bayan at lahat na. Kagaya nangyari sa Mindanao, may earthquake, nandoon sila. ‘Pag magbaha, nandoon sila. ‘Pag may pumutok na volcano, sila ‘yung nauna. ‘Pag may flooding, sila ‘yung nauna. At lahat na, may landslide, sila ‘yung nagkukutkot doon sa lupa. At kung may gulo, nandoon sila. 

If there is [disorder], they establish order. If there is a lawless environment, they provide stability. Ang sundalo natin, atong mga sundalo, they are everything and that is why you should love your soldier. Tayong mga Pilipino, tulungan natin.

At isa pang kalaban natin na sumisira sa buhay natin ay itong mga terorista, kasali na ang NPA, kasali na ang mga kidnap-for-ransom, nandiyan sa Jolo ang Abu Sayyaf, at lahat na. At ang utos ko sa kanila, at pag sila’y lumaban, durugin para matapos na ang problema ng Pilipino. [applause]

We are fighting a war and mind you, let me correct every Tom, Dick and Harry who are idiots, by their name, you should know them. Alam mo we are fighting for the survival of our nation. We have to make safe --- we have to assure that the next generation will be freed of these vagaries of life, especially itong droga for it will affect the quality of our nation tomorrow.

We cannot afford to get something like one-fourth of the population disoriented, insane because of drugs. It is our sworn duty to protect them.

And that is why I declared war. War is war. Itong droga is worldwide. It is not limited to any country which borders. It is almost seamless. At lahat nagdudusa.

Huwag nating hayaan ang mga anak natin. Kasi ako may mga apo na. Kayo, may mga apo na rin. At balang araw, mag-aasawa kayo, you establish a home. You’d have children.

Make sure that they will be safe and that their tomorrow will be a more comfortable one. That they do not have to kill, they do not have to spend money needlessly, para paghanap nitong mga salot ng bayan.



Try to make this country as peaceful as it can ever be. Ako sa utos ko na ‘yan na ubusin ninyo sila, sabihin ko sa inyo, time and again, I take full legal responsibility for it


I and I alone. Kung sakali man, will go to prison. You can enjoy your freedom. I will take the risk. I am old. I am disposable

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat. [applause]



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