PNP: Salvador election 'hotspot' in Lanao del Norte

April 12, 2019


LANAO DEL NORTE, - Due to a shooting incident during a local campaign, Philippine National Police (PNP) has identified Salvador town in Lanao del Norte as number one hot spot for May elections.

Four persons were wounded during the shooting incident.

P/Maj Salman Saad, during a press conference at Police Headquarters in Tubod, said the incident transpired during a motorcade of Bebot Umpa Party on April 3.


A commotion occurred at about 10:30 in the morning in front of the Municipal Hall where gun fires were shot. It was learned that these fire exchanges were between Umpa and Tawantawan parties who are both running for Mayor in Salvador.

According to P/Maj Saad, two were wounded from the Umpa Party who were brought to Bontilao Community Hospital and the other two from the Tawantawan Party who were now in custody of Kapatagan Provincial Hospital.

Meanwhile, P/Maj Arnold T Lao of Provincial Investigation Detection of PNP Lanao del Norte said that both parties are willing to give statements on the incident.

Oplan Bakal Sita, conduct of checkpoints, provision of additional troops, are some of the preparations and solutions to assure peace and order of the town. 

Further, P/LTC Nicomedes A Olaivar Jr said Pantar and Nunungan towns follow Salvador as election hot spot in Lanao del Norte. (HMPF/LDN)



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