5 Reasons to Build Your Career in Davao City

September 8, 2021

With a land area of close to 2,500 km2, Davao City is considered the Philippines’ largest city in terms of physical size. It’s also home to the majestic Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the country, and the endangered Philippine eagle, the world’s largest eagle in terms of length and wing surface. Because of its magnificent natural attractions, festivals, and sumptuous food, Davao City is a popular destination for millions of local and international tourists. It also serves as the province of Davao’s center of commerce, tourism, trade, and finance, attracting both business people wanting to expand their ventures and job seekers looking for lucrative employment opportunities. Perhaps you’re planning to leave your current job to find a better one that will help you achieve your professional goals. If so, you may want to find Davao jobs that fit the bill instead of looking for work in the already congested city of Metro Manila. You may not realize it yet, but there are many reasons why building a career in the Crown Jewel of Mindanao makes a lot of sense. Here are five of them. A Strong Economy Davao City boasts strong cooperation between business players and local leaders, spurring the city’s economic growth and overall development. It’s also Mindanao’s leading exporter of tropical fruits and coconut products and home to the internationally acclaimed artisan chocolate Malagos Chocolate. Additionally, many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms, as well as the regional headquarters of several multinational companies like Dole and Del Monte, are based here. This thriving city also houses over ten economic zones for agro-industrial, manufacturing, and information technology sectors, all of which fuel economic activity, wealth generation, and job creation in the area. Jobseekers can find opportunities in a variety of industries, including wholesale and retail trade, transportation, storage, and construction. Because of Davao City’s strong economy, employees can expect stable jobs, competitive salaries, and better opportunities. A Combination of Urban and Rural Pleasures If you want to build a lasting career, preventing job burnout should be your top priority. Contrary to common misconceptions, burnout is defined not only by physical fatigue, but also by emotional fatigue. The latter can also be exacerbated by a feeling of reduced accomplishment and a loss of personal identity. Unfortunately, many employees who work in Manila are at high risk of burnout. According to the results of a study conducted by a think tank operated by writers and sleep experts, Manila is one of the top 10 cities in the world with the highest risk of employee burnout. Specifically, it was ranked 5th in a list of 69 cities across 53 countries in terms of burnout rate. To avoid job burnout, it would help to work in a location that offers the opportunities, amenities, and comforts of city life as well as the relaxing and stress-free atmosphere of rural life. Fortunately, you can find all of these in Davao City. If you choose to work here, you can easily relieve any workday stress by communing with nature and enjoying the unique attractions in the area. For example, you can hike, skydive, go fishing, or try other outdoor adventures at Eden Nature Park. On the weekends, you can visit the many different white-sand beaches of Samal Island or take day trips to various areas of the region to unwind and recharge. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try the city’s sumptuous local dishes and fresh tropical fruits to complete your Davao experience. Safety and Security Moving to another city for work can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. However, there won’t be much to worry about if you choose to live and work in Davao. After all, Davao is one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia, according to a report released by collaborative online database Numbeo. You can walk safely at night without fear of encountering thieves or other crooks since police officers are constantly roaming around the city. The liquor ban and curfew imposed by the city government also prevents drunken people from wandering around and causing trouble. By moving to a city where you feel safe and secure, you can focus your energies on the things that matter, such as reaching your professional goals. A Diverse Community Whether in the working world or your personal life, you need exposure to diverse ideas and experiences to become the best person you can be. More importantly, you must learn how to respect different viewpoints, opinions, and experiences for the greater good. That said, Davao City is arguably the best training ground for learning the immense value of diversity and inclusion. Think about it. Davao City is home to Visayans, Mindanaoans, migrants, and indigenous people belonging to various ethnic tribes. They have different religions, beliefs, cultures, and ways of life, yet they all live together harmoniously. Wouldn’t you want to learn how Davaoeños make it all work? A State-of-the-Art Emergency Response System Another benefit of building your career in the Durian Capital of the Philippines is that you have easy access to Davao Central 911, a centralized and integrated emergency response system. As you may have guessed, this system works similarly to the 911 emergency telephone number in the United States and Canada. If you encounter any emergencies during your stay in Davao, simply call 911, and help will quickly arrive. Another great thing about this emergency response service is that it’s free!   These are just a few of the reasons why Davao City is an ideal place to put down roots and build your career. Where else can you find a city full of professional opportunities, magnificent natural wonders, and a green and secure environment? By working in Davao, you can experience the benefits of working in a thriving urban area with significantly less stress and worries.

DavOr completes 2nd round of food aid distribution

May 18, 2020

DAVAO CITY – The provincial government of Davao Oriental has completed the second round of food pack distribution in all its ten municipalities and lone city.     A total of 189,748 families in the whole province have received their food rations during the four weeks distribution which started on April 20.     Governor Nelson Dayanghirang said he was pleased with the smooth flow of the distribution.     “I am happy with the system we adopted in our distribution. The process of distribution was fast. I am thankful to all of our provincial teams who spearheaded the delivery. I am also glad that the people have complied with the implementation of the physical distancing,” he said in a statement.     The provincial government shouldered the food requirements for the second-round distribution. The city and municipalities are getting ready while others have started their third round of the food packs distribution.     During the distribution which ended Sunday, Dayanghirang took time to explain to the residents the moves undertaken by the provincial government in fighting the pandemic.     He emphasized the “new normal” which the public must learn to adapt. This includes the wearing of face mask, observing safe physical distancing, and regular handwashing.     “I am confident that we will win the fight against the invisible enemy if we work as one. We, in government, are doing our part, now we are asking the people to do their part as well. Do as what you are told and always remember that we really have to be in this together,” he added.     For the third round, it is the local government unit’s turn to shoulder the expenses for the food pack which would give ample time for the province to prepare for the next round. (PNA)

DDO shelters 33 passengers from Manila

March 26, 2020

Davao de Oro Province--- Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine and the strict implementation of the Regional Lockdown in Davao Region, a Philtranco bus was pulled over in a checkpoint in the borders of Barangay Pasian Monkayo, Davao de Oro. The bus left Pasay City on March 16, 2020. All of them, including a one-year-old child were taken to the Davao de Oro Farm Training Center and will undergo a 14-day quarantine. The said bus with its crew and passengers were supposed to be prohibited from entering Davao de Oro since the Regional Covid-19 task force strictly forbids the entry of anyone within Davao Region and Davao Provinces. The Provincial Government of Davao de Oro catered the needs of the stranded passengers and housed them in the facility of the farm. A mobile kitchen from the Bayanihan Para Sa Kalusugan ensures that the basic needs of the stranded passengers under quarantine will be provided. "This will only be allowed once; again, only once and no more than that. Because as a father I could not bear to see a one-year-old child travel back to their origin at this time of distress," said Governor Jayvee Tyron L. Uy. Through the coordination of the Provincial Health Office, Kusina Ng Kalinga, Philippine National Police, Agro-Eco Tourism Complex, Civil Security Unit, Provincial Community Affairs and Development Section and the Barangay Local Government Unit of Pasian Monkayo, the Provincial Government of Davao de Oro continues to provide assistance for our brothers and sisters who were far from their families in this time of affliction. As part of their daily activities, they perform zumba as their exercise, movie marathons, cleaning the facility to strip their boredom and as remedy for homesickness and prayers for guidance and protection from the emerging crisis. The Provincial Health Office conducts daily medical check-up to monitor their health status. Social distancing is strictly implemented among them and were provided with face masks for optimum security. Safety measures were also observed by the team in providing their service. They are now on their 3rd day of quarantine. Two individuals from the group, one driver and one passenger were already taken to Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) last March 24, 2020 as Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and will undergo further tests. “Nagpasalamat gyud mi sa tanang nagtabang sa amua, sa gobyerno ug sa tanan-tanan kay wala mi gipasagdan, dili pareha sa uban nga grabe ang kahimtang,” said Janeth Reyes, one of the passengers in the Philtranco bus. (Jasteen Abella, ID DAVAO DE ORO)  

DDO: Adheres strict preventive measures against COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Davao de Oro Province---The Provincial Government of Davao de Oro strictly implemented preventive measures amidst the threat of COVID-19.At the Provincial Capitol alone, employees underwent a thermal scanner upon entering the executive and legislative building with their hands sanitized. A memorandum was also issued last week to sanitize hallways, corridors, stairways and external windows. While employees regularly disinfected their respective offices.   Alcohol and hand sanitizers are available at the main entrance of the lobby for employees and other visitors. The provincial capitol executive building only uses one main entrance and exit point as part of the policy while usage of elevator shall be only for PWDs, Pregnant Women and Senior Citizens.  Social Distancing has also implemented including meetings such as done during the Inter-agency Task Force (IATD)  meetings. Meanwhile, employees only used facial recognition mechanism in the biometrics. The Civil Security Unit in the capitol premise monitors the strict compliance of the precautionary measures and coordinates with the Provincial General Services Office for any untoward incident in the course of the implementation of the measures. These strict preventive measures were made in accordance to keeping Dabawenyos safe from acquiring the dreaded disease. More so, with the recent development where the Department of Health Davao Center for Health Development (DCHD) disclosed the first confirmed case identified as PH130, a 21-year old Filipino female, in the province. Relative to this, a meeting for the Provincial Inter-agency Task Force for the Emerging Infectious Disease was held on March 16, 2020 attended by Governor Tyron Uy, Vice-governor Maria Carmen Zamora, Provincial Administrator Virgilia Allones, PG Department Heads and other concerned individuals regarding the emerging crisis. The province would ensure the availability of the basic needs of the people and will monitor prices of goods in the market. Health workers and other individuals giving frontline services will be given the right assistance and support towards containing the disease. The role of technology is also vital for communication this time. The right information will be spread using social media accounts to avoid making crowds and maintain social distance. “Buot nakong ipaniguro kaninyo nga ang Provincial Government of Davao de Oro kauban ang atung municipal local government units ug DOH nagatinabangay para himuong luwas ang matag usa kanato sa risgong dala sa COVID-19. Panahon karun sa pagtinabangay, pagsinabtanay, ug sa pagtambayayong. Ipakita nato ang atong bayanihan. Panahon sa kalisod ug pagsulay, walang iwanan gihapon ta sa Davao de Oro.” said Governor Jayvee Tyron L. Uy. (Jasteen Abella, ID DAVAO DE ORO)

Construction of new houses to quake survivors in Davao del Sur underway

December 31, 2019

MAGSAYSAY, Davao del Sur - The construction of new homes for quake survivors in Davao del Sur is now underway, as the project is now being started by the National Housing Authority (NHA) Those victims of the recent quakes who were rendered homeless would benefit the housing project of the government. Thousands of families in Davao del Sur were rendered homeless as a result of three powerful tremors that hit the province.  The local government has acquired 2.5 hectare of land in barangay Malawanit, says Mayor Arthur Davin in an interview with reporters. The land, the mayor said, was purchased by party list Dumper PIDA (Philippines Taxi Drivers Association) through the initiative of Rep. Claudine Diana Bautista. In a report by Inquirer.net, NHA General Manager Marcelino Escalada has already conducted occular inspection of the relocation site in Purok 5, barangay Malawanit last week. The strong quakes displaced a total of 117 families in barangay Malawanit alone. But there were a few who get help from non-govenrmental organizations and were able to build their new houses. 

Gov't employee in Davao Sur shot dead

December 30, 2019

DAVAO DEL SUR - A government employee in Magsaysay town, this province, was shot dead Friday (Dec 27) by still unknown assailants onboard a vehicle while the victim was riding his motorcycle in Barangay Poblacion. The local police, headed by Major Jeffmar Tercero, identified the fatality as Philip Marl D. Ruelo, a job order employee of the local government in Magsaysay town, this province. Police initial investigation disclosed that after the shooting incident, the victims was rushed to the Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital but attending physicians and nurses pronounced him dead. The police are still "facing a blank wall" as to the motive of killing the government employee by still unidentified suspects who shot him on broad daylight. Investigation also disclosed that there were some witnesses who saw the suspects already roaming in the area prior to the shooting incident which lead to the untimely demise of the victim.     


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