Soldiers protect student youth from CPP-NPA deception

November 7, 2019


TALACOGON, Agusan del Sur – Soldiers from 26th Infantry “Ever Onward” Battalion have strengthened their efforts to prevent the student sector from being deceived and recruited by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) as the troops conducted school symposium at Esperanza National High School, on Wednesday morning, October 30, 2019.

A total of 450 students from grades 10 to 12 of senior high school have become aware of the CPP-NPA’s penetration to different schools nationwide by utilizing its legal organizations to poison the mind and heart of every youth, planting hatred against the government.

A series of video clips were also filmed to the students regarding the past victims of CPP-NPA recruitment. The videos convey and show how the well-being of certain students are destroyed by the communist terrorists and in the end, wasted their lives.

Ms. Jovelyn Tahudan, a former rebel who had just surrendered to the folds of the law, relayed her past experiences and remorsely showed  how she was deceived and recruited  by the NPAs and eventually destroyed her life as a youth. “Estudyante pud ko sa dihang girekrut ko sa mga NPA. Nailad ko sa ilang mga pasalig sa akua nga tabangan ko nga makahuman ko sa  pag eskwela. Mao nga talinguhaon gyud nako sa inyo nga dili mo maparehas sa akong kaagi. Gikan na ko didto sa sulod. Walay ayo didto mao nga ayaw na gyud mo pagtesting ug sulod” (I am also a student when I was recruited by the NPAs. I was deceived by their promises that they will help me finished my studies. I am here because I want to convince you not to follow my path. I have been there. Don’t even try to join the rebels. It’s a hard life.), Jovelyn said.

Meanwhile, the commanding officer of 26th IB, Lt Col Romeo C. Jimenea expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the faculties of the Esperanza National High School for giving ample time for the soldiers to conduct symposium. He further said that it is very timely to focus the attention of giving awareness to the students because they are the main target of leftist groups. “The rebel group’s recruitment ruins the future of the students. It is our duty to inform them about the nature of the CPP-NPA and their deceptive and manipulative recruitment strategies. We must protect them (students) at all cost”, Lt Col Jimenea said. 

“To all the NPA’s and other left leaning organizations, stop the recruitment for it destroys the students' chances to finish their studies, achieve their ambitions and aspirations and be successful in life. Spare them from your violent ways of life and political ambitions”, Lt Col Jimenea added.



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