‘Bantay Danao’ volunteers boost skills to safeguard Agusan Marsh

November 28, 2017


PROVINCIAL Capitol, Agusan del Sur--Volunteers guarding the wide Agusan Marsh were recently taught with basic skills on life support and first aid for them to be more capacitated in their tasks.
At least 23 “Bantay Danao” volunteers from communities within the extensive nationally-preserved wetlands hurdled the three-day training spearheaded by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office(PDRRMO).

Agusan marsh which covers at least 14,800 hectares criss-crossing the towns of San Francisco, Rosario, Bunawan, Veruela, Loreto, Talacogon, Loreto and La Paz, is one of the most ecologically significant wetlands in the country which is found in the heart of Agusan Basin.

This vast expanse covers an area of Metro Manila which contains 15 % of the nation’s fresh water resources in the form of swamp forest.

The training was organized by Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office – Local Government Unit (PENRO-LGU) under the project Developing Capacities and Seeking Platform of Convergence in the Protection and Conservation of Agusan Marsh.

As a joint effort of PENRO-LGU and PDRRMO, the training aims to provide knowledge and skills on basic life support and first aid.

Bantay Danao volunteers from District I particularly from Barangays Buenasuerte, Caimpugan, and Ebro of San Francisco; Novele, Tagbayagan, and Bayugan 3 of Rosario; and Mambalili and Nueva Era of Bunawan participated the training.

On the first day of the training, participants were enlightened about common diseases and safety precautions in doing first aid. Proper wearing of safety equipment was demonstrated by Mr. Lu. The participants were also taught with appropriate patient assessment on the scene of the accident. A demonstration on patient assessment by FO2 Retuerto followed after the lecture. The afternoon session was simulation on basic life support in case of choking and airway obstruction or difficulty of breathing.

The second day started with the demonstration and simulation in doing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and choking first aid by Mr. Lu. The following sessions were mostly lectures on different injuries and appropriate first aid with simulations and demonstrations using the necessary materials and appropriate tools for aiding.

An all-inclusive simulation of all the knowledge and skills gained from the past two-day lecture and activity was done on the last day of the training. The participants were laid with a multiple casualty incident situation wherein they were asked to apply all the knowledge and skills learned for the past two days.

Rogelio Alvarez from Buenasuerte was thankful on the training extended to them, for the time and the encouragement to learn.

He admitted that despite their shortcomings in understanding the technical terms, he learned a lot.

For his part, Abelardo Rodrigo from Novele was also thankful. He said that the learning he gained can be used to help his family and neighbours. He even shared that in the past, all he can do was watch on emergencies, but with the learning he gained, he will now be able to help.

This training on basic life support and first aid was only part of the series of skill capacity development for the Bantay Danao volunteers spearheaded by the PENRO-LGU. In order to deliver good service and enhance the skills of this conservation group, they also underwent trainings on paralegal and basic wildlife rescue.



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