Another NPA Commander, His Party Wife and 2 Others Surrender in Surigao del Norte

June 25, 2019


The surrenderers were identified as Roel A Borimbao @NONAME, 37 years old,
the Commanding Officer of Sandatahang Yunit Pampropaganda 16B1 (SYP16B1),
Guerilla Front 16 (GF16) NEMRC operating in Surigao City, San Francisco, Taganaan
and Sison, all of Surigao del Norte.


With him is his party wife identified as Roselle E
Dagante @WELLA, 21 years old, Political Instructor of SYP16B1, GF16, NEMRC,
Archie Milallos @RD, 35 years old, Political Instructor of SYPB2, GF16 NEMRC, and a
certain Michael T Florino @MARK, 27 years old, Assistant Team Leader, Squad Dos,
SYP16B1, GF16.


They also surrendered with them two (2) M14 Rifles, one (1) M4-CiS
rifle, one (1) AR15 M16A1 rifle, four (4) M14 magazines, two (2) M16 short magazines,
two (2) anti-personnel mines, one hundred eleven (111) 5.56mm ammo and sixty four
(64) 7.62mm ammo.



An NPA Commanding Officer is in charge in the NPA's military works like tactical
offensive and terroristic attacks on civilian properties while a Political Instructor (PI) is in
charge of all political works to include organizing the far flung communities so they will
have the material, financial, and moral support needed to advance their armed struggle.
The PI is also in charge to recruit new members.

According to @NONAME; their organization is falling apart because of the losing
support of the masses and chaos within the organization.  He also disclosed the reason
why he decided to surrender, "Dili na nako makaya ang sakripisyo ug kakapoy sa
sigeng lakaw, kabug-at sa dala nga walay saktong kaon ilabina sa  kamingaw nga
malayo sa pamilya. Wala na ako makasabot sa balaod sa rebolusyunaryong kalihukan
mao ang hinungdan nga misurrender ko."


@NONAME urged the remaining NPA members to surrender to the folds of the
law and embrace a peaceful life "Giawhag ko ang tanan na akong kauban nga naa sa
kabukiran, nanghinaot ako nga managdagan kamo, kabalo ko nga gibati na mo ug
kahuyang dira sa kabukiran sama sa gibati nako"


@ NONAME also called on the NPA mass supporters to stop supporting the
terrorist movement, "Sa mga katawhan nga masang kabus sa mag uuma, giawhag ko
kamo na undangon na nato ang pagsuporta sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan tungod kay
igo lang ta nila gidula-dulaan"


Meanwhile Lt.Col. Allen Raymund C. Tomas, Commanding Officer 30IB said,
"This is a big blow to GF16. Losing @NONAME, the CO of SYP16B, would be a
demoralizing factor among their ranks.


The intensified conduct of CSP and pressure
from combat operations in SDN eventually led to the surrender of their leaders and
would pave way to other NPA members to the return to the folds of the law and choose
a better life rather than continue espousing the failed ideology of communism. Muli
kaming nananawagan at kumakatok sa lahat ng mga membro ng CCP/NPA na andito
po ang army at ang local government unit para tulungan kayong makabalik sa
matiwasay na pamumuhay bilang isang mamamayang Pilipino."
In his statement, Col Maurito L Licudine, Commander, 402nd Brigade in Caraga


"The surrender of a High Ranking Commander with other middle-rank leaders is a
clear indication that the NPA's in the said area are already disintegrating. We expect
that Peace in those areas is forthcoming and this we owe to the people and the
stakeholders who committed and continuously support the efforts of the government's
counter insurgency campaign"



"We urge other NPA members to come out and surrender. Follow the lead of all
@ NONAME since they were the ones who made you believed and joined the NPA.
Now, they have realized the futility of the armed struggle and that their dream of change
cannot be achieved thru violence but only in an environment of peace free from threat
and chaos", Col Licudine ended.



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